Friday, December 7, 2018

It's What's On The Inside That Counts.... Not Always

Just as important as what is on the inside...
is how it is packaged...
in some cases
(humans and animals excluded - except for roosters, of course!).

While I am extremely choosy about what I feed my family,
and the products that we use,
I am becoming equally concerned with how those items are packaged.

One of my favorite indulgences is croissants from Costco,
(they are seriously delicious, all-butter croissants)
but the packaging is a nightmare.
12 of these flakey-soft, delicious pastries are packaged in a huge, hard-molded,
non-recyclable plastic box.
Sadly, because of this packaging, I have stopped buying them.
Note to self: must learn to bake croissants!

That's just an example of so many changes that I have made as a consumer.
Others include:

Yogurt... I make my own in re-usable glass jars.
We eat yogurt every day, so making my own is not only a more economical
solution - but it reduces our plastic waste, considerably.

Water...we buy no disposable water bottles.
I carry water with me wherever I go,
so rather than use plastic water bottles,
I use an insulated, steel water bottle.

I use similar containers for my tea.
(You can take your own containers to coffee shops, and they will fill them,
rather than use throwaway cups)

Food storage containers and wraps...

Dish detergent and hand soaps...I have stopped buying plastic containers,
and switched to glass pump bottles and pouches of re-fillable vegetable based soaps.
The pouches are made of plastic... but much less than what is in a plastic bottle.
I am in the process of obtaining information on how to recycle these pouches.

Cleaning products...
I invested in glass spray bottles and use a concentrate that is mixed with water
to re-fill them.

Shampoo and conditioner...
I am in the process of using up the last of the plastic bottled products
and will be switching to bar shampoo and conditioner
when these are gone.

I am switching to this toothpaste in place of plastic tubes.
It comes in small glass bottles that can either be recycled or repurposed.
I will use these bottles to store dried herbs that I have grown in the garden,
or sprinkles, etc. that I buy at our local bulk food store.

I like to keep extra toothbrushes on hand for guests or for travel.
Instead of plastic,
I have switched to bamboo.
Bamboo is renewable, and poses no disposal problem.

Household items...
Sometimes the "old fashioned" way is better in the long run.
We are no longer buying lighters, but have switched to matches.

When considering what brand to buy in items such as vinegars, condiments, 
organic peanut butter, and other grocery items,
I choose the brand that is packaged in glass rather than plastic.
Glass and paper are easily recyclable...
plastic is less so.
And then there is the subject the effect of plastic on our health and the environment.

Changing the world begins at home.
We each have the ability to help solve our own problems...
especially if we all work together!
Let's be thoughtful consumers.
Please share any changes that you have made so that we can all learn!!


colleen said...

Again, Thanks for sharing. I love all of these ideas and they are doable. I make my own cleaning supplies and will be looking into the glass spray bottles. Then the shampoo and conditioner bars. The toothbrushes and toothpaste will be next. Can't do it all at once but will be very conscious of what we purchase.

colleen said...

Oh my gosh... first time through I missed the video, duh!!! I've had my eye on the bees wax wraps for quite some time and I'm glad you cleared up if they would be a good investment! I will definitely be checking out the silicone items. And yes, I watched to the very end. lol

Anonymous said...

YAY you!Thank you for working to get the word out to people unaware, which feels like 99.9%. I HATE plastic too! I went to go buy a toothbrush, at Kroger, but could not bring myself to buy any bcuz of the plastic involved (package and actual toothbrush). I ended up buying the bamboo ones from Amazon. I make my own deodorant and toothpaste using equal parts baking soda and coconut oil. Recently, I have added activated charcoal to the toopaste, which makes a dry paste,so I add a few drops of avocado oil. Long post,so don't get me started on how people will buy a plastic wrapped cauliflower, place it in a plastic bag (the ones available in the produce section), then place it in a 3rd plastic bag! ARRRGH!
Mick (formly from OR.currently WA, vacationing in Ecuador

littlemancat said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful advice - specific and very helpful. What shampoo bars are "out there?" I know that I've become far too lazy in my use of plastic, etc. so will study this post and take notes.
Hope you are loving San Francisco!

daisy gurl said...

I have been working on the "pre"-cycling for a few years, but I see that I still have a ways to go. Thank you for the great suggestions. Even though I wash and reuse our plastic bags, it still feels wrong. I think I will order some of these first.

I make my own cleaners and some of my toiletries, but can definitely ramp that up to do more.
What a great motivation you've given me going into the new year.
Thanks, Bev. Hope you are enjoying SF!

Missy George said...

Great ideas thanks for sharing. I have been using those lids for a very long time as well. I think I got my first was when I was shopping with you. The silicone bags are a good idea but I wonder if they really get clean on the inside I guess they would have to be hand washed and dried. Lots of good information there. Thanks

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Some excellent suggestions, thanks!

Karen said...

Another great post:) **If anybody can make buttery, delicious croissants, it's YOU! All the things you make look SO good - let us know how they turn out:)

deodar said...

You might want to rethink the silicone baking mats, the jury is still out on the safety of using silicone for food prep at high heats. I go with the unbleached compostable parchment paper. It still has a bit of silicone in the coating but it can go directly to the compost pile where it will break down.


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