Friday, November 9, 2018

Country Life

I love country life.
There is no place in this entire world that I would rather be
but right where I am right now.

Since ten years ago, when we left the suburbs for full-time farm living,
I have never once looked back and missed suburbia.
From the moment that my feet landed on farm soil,
I felt like I was home:
exactly where I was always meant to be.
And that's a really great feeling!

One of my favorite things is running errands and driving through the countryside.

Yesterday, I had to have new tires put on my car.
We try to use local businesses whenever possible.
This is our tire shop...
(on the left)

I love these rural scenes,
and this slower-paced rural life.

Having spent the first half of my life in such a different environment,
has, perhaps, given me a much deeper appreciation for this quiet, country life.

Besides having tires put on my car, 
we spent much of yesterday running necessary errands:
 to the produce market for veggies (now that our garden is winterized),
and to the feed store for animal feed.

 Once home, I spent a little time just taking photos around the farm,
getting used to a new camera.

You see, while we were in Africa there was never a minute when my camera 
was not on me.

Unfortunately, one day, while eating lunch at our camp,
 I hung my camera on the back of my chair.
Not realizing the weight ratio of camera to chair,
when I stood up, the chair toppled over...
sending the camera crashing to the ground.

A wave of nausea came over me.

I had read that safari's have a tendency to eat cameras,
so I had fortunately packed a back-up.
But, sadly, my "good" digital SLR camera stopped focusing properly.
I was heart sick.

Once home, I sent it in for repairs, hoping for an easy fix.
Yesterday the estimate for repairs on both the camera 
and my 70 - 300 zoom lens arrived in my email.

I swallowed hard.
Repairs were quite salty.
Now I had to make the decision -
to repair or replace.

A trip to Costco for Ritz crackers (and a couple other things... but mostly for Ritz...
you know we go through them by the case), 
and I found this...

a newer version of my exact injured camera and my exact injured lens...
for just slightly more than the price to repair...
and added in was another smaller lens, camera bag, 2 batteries, and a SD card.
The decision was made.
No questions.

I have to tell you... I love this camera.
It's fast.

The lens is powerful.

It's everything that I need it to be.
And... the price was right.

So.... being in love with my camera,
I spent a good deal of time playing with it.

As you can see.

I had very good subjects.

So photogenic!

This country gal, who is happy just by rights of being in the middle of this 
beautiful countryside...
just got a little happier!
My camera is like an old friend...and like old friends...
is hard to live without!


Louise Stopford said...

Beautiful photo's Bev, as always. So glad you are enjoying your new camera. I am very envious of your country life and would like a little piece of that kind of life, but unfortunately it is not to be for me. I much prefer the countryside to any town or city. That is one of the reasons I enjoy reading your blog and sharing your country life so very much. It's so lovely that you share your life and experiences with us. Checking in with Beehaven Acres every day is a highlight of my day and you always manage to make me feel better with your enthusiasm for life and your surroundings and of course, your inspiration. Thank you for that. Have a lovely weekend.

Lynne said...

Wonderful photos on your new camera.
Especially like the turkey and doggie pics.
And the best part, I get daily peeks of your country life.

Anonymous said...

Incredibly sharp photos. Thank you for taking the time to blog each day. Your photos and your comments about life in the country make my mornings brighter. Rebecca2

daisy gurl said...

Such gorgeous shots! I especially like that first one of Moonbeam and the one of sleeping Sammie. I take a lot of pictures too, and I know how difficult it must have been for you to be without your camera. Enjoy your new toy!

littlemancat said...

Everyone's said it all so well so will just add my admiration and appreciation to the others. What wonderful pics! Being without a camera is no fun - I take a lot of photos too and understand your dismay when your beloved camera broke.

colleen said...

What sharp pictures!! Have a great weekend.

Laura said...

Those are great photos. If I lived in a place like yours I doubt I'd ever leave! :-)
Thanks for the info on the camera. I've been looking at getting a new one and now I have an idea of what to get.

Missy George said...

Sorry about your camera. I can imagine how you felt. When my Kodak zoom broke, I sent it back to Kodak and they sent me a refurbished camera and fixed mine .. No questions asked, no I have two... Great picture of Moonie on all fours.. Actually, the headshot is great too. He and Sammy are the best subjects. The guineas look like cardboard silhouette's leaning against the fence..They have no dimension.. Enjoy your weekend.

An American in Tokyo said...

I'm sorry to hear about your old camera, but glad you found a new one for the price of repairs! What a good deal!

I hope someday to live in the country, but the way it is going I think I'm going to have to work until I'm 70 before I can get any social security...not sure if I can safely live in the country at 70 years old! I better make sure I have great, helpful neighbors! Ha ha!


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