A Chill In The Air

I had almost forgotten how much I love winter!

The sunrises are the best of the entire year.

Yesterday, as I was mucking the front pasture and the icy, cold wind (40mph)
was whistling round my head...
I remembered just how much I love winter.

I love being dressed in warm gear as the winter wind whips around my ears.
I love the feeling of chilly, pink cheeks and fresh cool air in my lungs.
It energizes me.

I could have stayed out for hours, but eventually I ran out of chores.
I visited with the horses and donkeys and got my fill of snuggles.

Apparently, Moonbeam decided that the donkey house was the perfect size for him,

and only him.

(Of course we know that the donkeys' mineral block tastes much better than his.)

Not everyone is a fan of the cold, windy weather.
The cats are happy to spend their days impersonating cheese burgers.

The pigs don't leave their heated corner unless Ritz crackers are involved.

Much of yesterday was spent like this...

These three are so absolutely adorable, I can hardly stand it!
And feisty!

They had their first Vet check yesterday...
still too young to tell if they are boys or girls.
As for telling them apart - impossible!
Not a single one of them has any discernible markings.
All three are inky black with green eyes.

These cold days have given me a chance to get a jump start on Christmas decorating.

This year, the barn gets a wreath.

The pumpkins are gone from the pig trough on the dining room table,
and in their place greens and pinecones.

Little touches in the dining room...

For years, I have collected snowmen...

In the kitchen,
there are 6 little shelves like this one that flank a set of cabinets,
each with snowmen, like these...

Today we are getting our trees.
Full-on decorating begins with the trees!

This weekend we are having our annual family Gingerbread House extravaganza.
I spent a couple days this week baking gingerbread walls and roofs and other accessories.
I'll be back on Monday to show you our creations.
Have a great weekend!


Louise Stopford said…
Oh those kittens are SO SO adorable - I love them. Your seasonal decorating is, as always, so beautifully tasteful. Have a lovely weekend and look after those cute babies.
colleen said…
I always enjoy your decorating. I am drawn to your table and see what you will do with it from season to season. Sounds like a fun weekend ahead!!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
those kitties are so cute! i wish i could have a kitty again. i'm working on my tree too. it's going to be 60 on sunday here!
daisy g said…
Enjoy your tree festooning!
I love snowmen too.
Oh, those photos of the kittens in your jacket! Squeeeeeeee! I think my head just exploded from the cuteness!
littlemancat said…
How dear are they! The jacket pic is wonderful - kittens! And thanks for the video. I too love your table, snowmen, and on and on! Have a sweet week-end!
PS - a friend suggested the name Daryl Hannah for a girl kittie!
This N That said…
I too, I love the chill in the air. It's energizing. You did a great job with your decor. Your house always looks so warm and welcoming the three D's ore adorable.. It won't be long until they are under foot. Love the picture with them in your jacket. Have a Wonderful weekend.
Dee J. Hartman said…
Bev's little Daryl's are as black as can be!
These feral kittens look so sweet to me!
Can't tell them apart; all their eyes are true green.
Yes, the cutest triplets that I've ever seen!!!!