Friday, October 12, 2018

Learning To Love Rainy Days

We awoke to pouring rain yesterday.
This seems to be the norm, anymore.
By late morning we had received an inch.

Needless to say, everyone was happy staying indoors.
I have learned to love rainy days... out of necessity!

During a late morning break in the showers, I threw on my muck boots...

and headed to the barn with the dogs in tow.

We all needed to get out of the house...
even if just for a little while.

I stopped by the barn ducks' house to check for eggs.
The runners and Muscovies have the run of the farm... and oh are they
taking advantage of it!

They've been gifting us 2 or 3 eggs each day.
(Wonderful for baking!)

For the past few summers, I have attempted to grow an archway of vines
over the walkway to the greenhouse.
Metal livestock panels can be easily formed into an arch and staked into place.
I planted morning glories and moonflowers at the base of each side.

This year, with the abundant rainfall, the archway is lush with greenery and flowers.
White moonflowers that bloom in the evening and lovely blue morning glories
that open with the morning sun.
Tyler, when he spent last weekend with us, remarked at how
all the leaves are shaped like hearts.

The garden archway that I planted with beans is also lush and full.

Normally I wait for the beans to dry on the vine,
however, this year, with the constant moisture, I have noticed that the beans
have been germinating within their own pod...

rendering them useless.
To combat this, I have been picking them early and drying them on the dining room table.

With this method, I have ended up with a substantial harvest of dry beans for winter use.

Rainy days give me the opportunity to work on some hand-mades.
I finished this embroidery...

and this knitted autumn scarf...

and I've started a new alpaca/silk scarf in the softest shades of lilac, blue and green.
I am winging this one... with no pattern... so, I'm not sure how it will look in the end...
it's a mystery.

And then there are these...
that have filled my head with a whole lot of swirling ideas!

And these... waiting to be planted on the next dry day.

I never seem to run out of projects.
Running out of time is the issue!
My goodness, is it Friday already?
Our weekend is shaping up to be busy...
Hubbs is having a little foot surgery today,
Tyler has a soccer game on Saturday...
 and I have promised to take him shopping afterward for some books to read.
We have houseguests Saturday night into Sunday...
and our "littles" are coming to spend Sunday with us.
Did I say busy?
I love that the farm is always abuzz with activity...
and that happy little voices are often heard within it's acreage!
Have a lovely weekend... we'll be back Monday to share ours.


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Portia said...

I have heard that about duck eggs. Do you substitute them one for one? Aren't they much larger than chicken eggs? Thanks.

Beverly Frankeny said...

I substitute one for one.... our duck eggs are about the same size as our chicken eggs. Duck eggs are higher in protein.

Cindy said...

I love to see your knitting! Did you make the green dress or shirt that you're wearing withe scarf? I like the style!

daisy gurl said...

Yes, every farmgirl (or wannabe, in my case), knows there is always another project. But, it keeps us young and makes our lives interesting, no?

The scarf is gorgeous! You have so much talent in so many areas.

Hope all goes well with Jack's surgery.

Enjoy all the whoopla!

Beverly Frankeny said...

I did not make it.... it is a tiered top that I wear with bloomers.... which I did make.

littlemancat said...

Your knitting and embroidery projects are lovely!
Love the Heavenly Blues and Moonflowers - I had them both at my old house, loved them so much. The scent of the Moonflower is wonderful, isn't it?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Projects make the world go around!

Laura Franken Sudderth said...

My morning glories did not ever look like that this year....Of course it has only rained a tenth of an inch in 156 days. Nothing stays lush here and that is exactly why I need to move when I retire. Have a wonderful busy weekend!

Lynne said...

Love a visit with you . . .
A walk between showers
Piggy eats.
Indoor projects in the works . . .
Dreaming up ideas.
Busy weekend . . .
Look forward to hearing all about it . . .

Missy George said...

I guess your chest nuts never get to roast by an open fire. The picture of you looks like you're still a little girl.. You haven't aged a bit. Your embroidery is lovely. Love the design You are pretty dressed up to be out there in the muckin rain.... We'll see what AutoCorrect does with that!


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