Friday, October 26, 2018

Garden Surprises

You might look at this photo and think it was taken months ago...

as green is the predominant color and small remnants of summer remain.
This was yesterday.

And though it seemed that Autumn would never arrive...
it has indeed.

A morning like yesterday- starting chores beneath a silvery moon- 
with 30 degree winds nipping at your nose...
might make you believe that winter has chosen an early arrival.

By mid-day, though it is clear that this is not winter...
just a mixed-up Autumn... who cannot make up his mind
whether he wants to stay or go.

He's not unpacked his suitcase yet... his colorful wardrobe
remains hidden from us.

I had two surprises yesterday when I went to the garden to work on cleaning up the 
raised beds.
First... I found this note attached to the garden message board...

It read:

Sure enough, Minerva was gone... no longer standing at her post
in the midst of the raised beds.
No longer was she keeping watch... discouraging pests
from stealing the produce.

It's understandable. 
She's a warm weather gal... the hotter the better, actually.
She had a tough summer... working through weeks of rain and humidity.
I'm sure she will enjoy drying out a bit on the other side of the globe.
She's assured us that she will return- as always- when Spring arrives...
(they often arrive on the same coach.)

My second surprise was this:

The saffron crocus has begun to blossom.
These lovely purple flowers are quite shy and if not checked daily,
have been known to bloom in secret!

I will pluck three lovely russet filaments from each blossom and dry them
for use in cooking this winter.
(Saffron is terribly expensive... growing your own is a good alternative!)

I spent about an hour in the garden filling the back of the gator
with spent vegetable and flower plants.

Summer is most definitely over.
A few more gator loads, and the garden will be stripped...
ready to slumber beneath a warm blanket of compost for the winter months.

On the way back to the house, I stopped by the front pasture
to visit with the pigs.
MaryAnn, my very bestest farm friend, came right over to me and laid
down beside me... as always.
(Ginger, of course, went right on eating.)

We laid nose to nose and talked about the day as I cleaned out the dirt...

in her little nosey creases.

This pig is special.
She and I are deeply bonded, and she will let me do just about anything to her.
It's always been this way... I guess we are just soulmates.
(That makes sense on so many levels, actually.)

I often get questions about the little tassels that hang from the pigs' jowls.

Tassels are exactly what they are called and they serve no purpose,
beyond beauty.
And because both of my girls are gifted with tassels on each side...
they are especially beautiful!

Goodness, I just realized that it is Friday again!
We are supposedly receiving dreadful weather this weekend from a Nor-Easter.
I plan to spend the weekend sewing.
Hopefully I will have something to show you on Monday.


Louise Stopford said...

MaryAnn and Ginger are exceptionally beautiful and what lovely natures they have. Your garden is looking neat and tidy for the Winter. Gosh where has this year gone? One minute we were looking forward to Spring and planning the gardens and now we are winding them down for Winter. Have a lovely weekend.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

it seems we went from horrible desert type weather here to winter. though everything is still green. such a weird year. we are supposed to get some of the nor-easter too. i will spend the weekend making treat bags. i get over 200 trick or treaters!

Patsy from Illinois said...

So, Minerva has left for Australia. My fairies should be in Key West by now. How nice it must be to vacation the winter away in warmer weather. Lol.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Growing your own saffron -- so wonderful!

littlemancat said...

MaryAnn is indeed beautiful- full of love. Such a connection you share. Love Minerva's note (and her lovely Marjolein B.notepaper too).
Have a happy week-end,hoping Jack's doing well.

Missy George said...

Love the moonshot. I hope Minerva have a wonderful winter. I will be looking forward to seeing her in the spring. Funny, her hand writing is very similar to yours.
Maryann is a sweetheart. It's amazing how different two animals can be walking Molly between the raindrops today. Enjoy your weekend.


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