Water, Water Everywhere

We are still under a thick grey cloud of rain... with showers soaking us almost hourly.
And yet, there is such a quiet peacefulness here.
It's a little eerie.
No birds, no sounds... but the gentle chirp of crickets...
and the drip, drip, drip of rain on the leaves... a drip that continues in the woods
long after a shower has ended.
Wet has become a way of life this summer.
We have not seen the end of the wet, either.

It's another day of staying inside.

Outside is this...

Of course the rain does not deter the ducks.
They have all become quite bold... unafraid of the horses.

The muscovy ducks have even begun hiking up to the goat pen to visit
the goats each morning.
(and dirtying their water buckets!)

Each morning, when their house is opened,
two of the muscovys take off in flight,
making a huge circle around the farm.
They come right back...it's the strangest thing...and hopefully I will catch it on video for you.

During the rest of the day, you can find them just about anywhere.

Our little white muscovy who insists upon her solitary pond life,
has laid another clutch of eggs.

Hubbs stole them away to keep her from being broody...
sitting on a nest that will never yield any ducklings
(no one to fertilize the eggs).

To my friends in the southern coastal states...
be safe.
You will be in our hearts and in our prayers in the coming days.
I fear it will be a long time until many of us are dry again.

PS.... 2 days and counting (fingers crossed).
(Excited beyond belief)


littlemancat said…
Ducky weather! I was hoping the little white duck would enjoy being with the others. But I understand her liking her solitude too. That's interesting, the daily fly-over by two of the ducks. Another mystery.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
did you keep the duck eggs for yourself? i've been going through lots of duck eggs here recently. the pups love them! you certainly have had a lot of rain this summer. we got drenched for a couple days but it is back to missing us again. i sure hope you get out on saturday!
Rebecca2 said…
Safe trip, happy travels. We will miss you while you are in Africa and look forward to hearing all about it.
diane in northern wis said…
Praying for your safe departure on Saturday. Enjoy your time away and your great adventure!