Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Horsing Around Between Showers

Rain does magical things to the earth.
There is something wonderful about stepping out into nature,
after a rainstorm.

Trees and shrubs are decorated with millions of glistening orbs...
which glisten like gems in the morning light.

Rain turns an (extra)ordinary spider's web...

into a spectacular chandelier,

complete with sparkling prisms.

Sometimes it takes a little effort to look beyond the mud and flood...
but if you do... you will see a whole new world
dressed in glistening finery.

I wasn't the only one who was happy that the rain stopped for a little yesterday.
The horses had spent the past two days in the (wet) dry lot and were ready
to kick up their heels...

and enjoy some freshly washed grass.

I haven't formally introduced our equines in a while.
And since they were all obliging with my photo shenanigans yesterday morning,
I will do so now.

Moonbeam, gentle leader of the herd... his size determines his status...
the personality of an unemployed, blond, surfer-dude, mellowed out with a toke.
"Wowwwwww, man......"

Scarlet... the herd's protector...
(she'd be a shield-maiden if she were human!)
but, interestingly, last in the pecking order when it comes to food.

Donnie Brasco... Scarlet's brother...trustworthy statesman, equinitarian (I made that up)...
always level headed and kind...
has won the "best pony in the world" award for the past 10 years.

Oliver Twist (Ollie)... the orphan of the group...
started out more of a Fagan than an Oliver...
his one blue and one brown eye reflect his dual personality...
 but, has become sweet as pie through the years.

Red... Ollie's half-brother... handsome, and he might just be aware of it....
has two blue pools of water for eyes... the kind in which a gal could drown.

Ollie and Red are the closest of all the equines... and most always together.

Please accept the herd's apology.
No one looked their best yesterday, after two solid days of rain.

Daphne and Chloe, half sisters... our wonky donkeys...
tolerated, but not-quite-befriended by the horses.

The horses are a tight-knit group. 
 Take one away and the rest will complain vehemently.
"We're family, through thick and thin!"

Take away the donkeys, and no one bats an eyelash.
"Distant cousins.... and definitely divas!"

It seems like forever that I have wanted to share this particular moment with you.
Each morning when chores are finished, we sweep the barn...
gathering the hay remnants that have found their way to the floor.
As soon as the broom comes down from it's hanger, 
Moll cat (Moll Flanders) appears... begging to be broomed.

Yes, for some reason, this kitty loves to have her back brushed with the broom.

She arches her back and stretches out as long as she can to enjoy
 the broom's bristles as they brush down the length of her.
Silly cat!

Finally, yesterday, I was able to herd Faith and Hope into a corner of their yard

and close them off with a gate, so that they could receive their vaccinations...
right through their wet sweaters.

No one seemed to mind...
Ritz crackers will do that!

Such sweet sheepy friends!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Time to broom the cat!

Patsy from Illinois said...

Great pics. Love those Littles and the rest of the herd too. Hope you have a wonderful trip. Be careful and don't forget about us when you get back. God bless.

jenrobburton said...

I love Faith and Hope. They have such sweet faces. I saw this video the other day and thought of you. Maybe the animals (and the grandkids) could use a trampoline! :)

littlemancat said...

Love the brooming,grooming Moll! I had the sweetest ginger cat once who loved to be gently vacuumed! The brush attachment, of course. Ha,ha! Every other cat I've know runs at just the sight of the vacuum cleaner.
And love the sheep girls, donkey girls ( wonky, tee hee) and the rest of the band.
Thinking of you, the journey ahead, keeping all good thoughts for you and Hubbs!

Karen Ann said...

It's all truly such a beautiful thing :-)

Joyce F said...

You said "wonky donkeys" and of course I thought of the Scottish grandmother reading the book The Wonky Donkey on YouTube. If you haven't seen it, go take a look. I had to watch it several times possibly because I was laughing so hard I didn't hear it all! Love seeing your animals!

Lynne said...

Do the sheep “shrink up” a bit with all the rain/wet!
Wool does that . . . smile, smile!

Beverly Frankeny said...

I had just read that yesterday before writing my blog post. I loved that video!!!

Beverly Frankeny said...

It seems that nothing makes those hefty girls shrink... in the least!

Thefarmerswife said...

If they don't buck and fart in your face, they don't love you :)


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