Friday, August 10, 2018

Something to Crow About!

She did it!!!
Finally, after 28 days of sitting through all sorts of weather,
Mrs. Guinea successfully hatched out 5 new baby guinea keets.

They are the tiniest of tiny... little yellow and brown striped puff balls,
about as big as a cotton ball on long orange legs.

Apparently guineas co-parent, as there are three adults tending to these five hatchlings.
It's a tough world for little keets.
The adults don't slow down, but go running through the grass
with the little ones struggling to keep up.

This poor little one keeps getting left behind.
When Mrs. Guinea loses track of it she sounds the alarm,
and the little one runs to catch up to her.

There is no way for us to catch them and get them to a safer environment,
so we are letting it up to the guineas to keep the keets safe.
I am sure it will take a village to raise these five youngsters.
Hopefully some of them will survive.
It's a tough world out there!

We had planned, yesterday, to pick up some young geese for the pond.
A local couple, Homer and Lettie, have a rather large flock of geese
that they are trying to down-size.

Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful at herding the geese into a fenced-in yard.
Looks like we'll have to try that little adventure again...
on another day!

It's about time to move this year's new chickens...
who grew from tiny just-hatched chicks into a flock of beautiful hens in no time.
Ok, well, it's been three months...
but that time passed very quickly.
It took them no time to decimate their entire yard...
which, when they first went outside, was more like a jungle.
They ate every blade of grass and leaf that grew there.
Now, it's just a muddy parking lot.
Once they move in with the older flock of hens, they will be out to free range in the pastures
and their lives will be infinitely more interesting.

I thought you might enjoy watching my daily early morning show.
It seems that three of the girls... just as I had suspected...
(And they are free for the taking... if you find yourself in need of a lovely rooster!)
(Three roosters raises the farm's testosterone above the acceptable level.)


colleen said...

I spy with my little eye a "cotton ball" in the roadway. I'm so happy that a few hatched.

daisy gurl said...

And so, the cycle of life continues. Blessings, all.

littlemancat said...

Love the little keets - learned a new word today, Bev! I hope every one of them makes it - as you said, a tough world. Do the chicken hens behave differently than the guineas? Just thinking how they, chicken hens, keep their chicks close by.
And three roosters! Pretty, though.

Kathy said...

Perseverance has again paid off! Cute little keets. Fingers crossed they live a long life. I'll pass on the rooster offer!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm glad that all of Mrs Guinea's hard work and patience paid off!

Karen Nunes said...

We got 5 also Bev but we caught them and are raising them ourselves because of them not being great parents and leaving them behind. Ours would never make it with the Fox we have around. So when they get bigger we may put them back with the bigger ones. They are very cute!

Missy George said...

Hope the wee ones make it..Maybe you should put them in the chicken house til they are a little bit bigger?You could put the Roosters in the residents garden here..Winter could be tough ;)

Lynne said...

Happy Day . . .
Always fun to have some new Little’s around!

Karen Ann said...

How adorable!! I'll pray for their hopeful survival :-)

Louise Stopford said...

Absolutely loved that video of the young girls (and boys). Hope you find a good home for the Roosters. They are at a lovely stage now and have really found their feet. I am a bit chicken obsessed so I can see myself watching your wonderful video over and over again.


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