Little Farm Friends

We continue to be waist-deep in an oppressively humid heatwave.
Walking outside is more like wading through a swamp of moist, hot air.
I feel so sorry for the animals, as I retreat to our air conditioning.
On days such as this, I thank my lucky stars that we have that option.

We had a special farm visitor yesterday.
One of Amanda's dear friends, Shannon came with her daughter Ava for a farm visit.
It was our first time meeting this adorable little spitfire...
as her Mommy and Daddy just moved back to Central Pennsylvania.
We are so happy they are back!

Ava could hardly wait to visit with the animals.
The mere mention of chickens brought an expression of joy to this little one's face.

We braved the heat and insects and hiked out to the barnyard.

MaryAnn was busy out in the front pasture,
but Ginger was more than willing to visit...

and get a snack!

One by one we visited all of the animals.

It's a lot to see for a two-year-old.
Ava was a trooper and not afraid of any of the animals....
walking right up to them and touching them.

I am hoping that this youngster becomes a regular farm visitor.
It's wonderful to see our kids and their friends become great parents.
One of the best parts of having a farm is the ability to share it
with these precious little people!!


jaz@octoberfarm said…
having a 10 and 13 year old here made such a difference with the pups this past week. they respond to kids totally differently than adults.
You can tell she loves the critters!
This N That said…
Such fun to have the little ones enjoy the magic of the farm...Cute pics
Lynne said…
Such fun for her . . .
and for you to have her . . .