Thursday, July 19, 2018

Morning Busy-ness

Our mornings are cool and lovely right now.
Our first chore of each day is to bring the horses down from the upper pastures
where they have spent the night grazing.

We bring them in before the onslaught of flies and gnats begin...
and the horses are always ready for us.
As soon as they see us approaching, they trot down to meet us.

This is one of my favorite morning chores...
especially when everyone is happy and healthy and nothing crazy has happened during the night...
like last week's muzzle debacle.

Peace has returned to the herd.
Everyone is sound and getting along fine with everyone else.

It's hard to believe that just a month ago,
we had several tiny Mallard rescues in our barn.

And now... those mallards have grown mature feathers and are just about full sized.
And with that, comes time for freedom...
time to just be a duck.

Yesterday morning we opened the door to the duck hut and allowed the ducks
their freedom.

We did not wait to see if they would emerge,
because this group of ducks is very wild and very timid.
(We purposefully tried to allow them their wildness...
knowing it would serve them well once released.)

It's good for prey animals to retain a healthy dose of stranger fear...
in order to avoid the clutch of predators.

Hours later, I went back down to the pond and found them on the opposite shore
paddling around in the shallow water.

Later in the afternoon they covered the entire pond,
swimming to and fro.

It seems they are content with their home.
Now, if they just have the good sense to stay in the water where it is safer for them.
And although I would love to shelter them from any potential harm,
these are wild ducks and will have to learn their way in the world.
At least they know where to find a good meal if they should need one.

Our barn ducks are getting along quite well.
They get several hours of time out and about each day.

Then by mid afternoon, we close them back up in their yard to keep them safe
from late afternoon fox visits.

We do the same with the turkeys.
Out in the morning... back in by mid afternoon.

Unfortunately, because it is absolutely impossible to herd chickens,
these gals are staying safe in their own yard all day.
For now.

I am loving these cool mornings.
Just wandering around looking at what's blooming makes me happy.

Colors are soft and muted in the early morning light.

I have to thank Jack for how wonderful this garden looks this summer.
He has been vigilant about watering each and ever plant.



Colleen said...

Your flowers are gorgeous💕💕

jaz@octoberfarm said...

we have only had two cool mornings but my god i am loving them! i am so ready for fall that i am about to burst! training camp starts a week from today so fall can't be too far away!!!

littlemancat said...

The early morning pics are beautiful - love that light! And kudos to Jack for all that watering - the results are stunning.

Missy George said...

I hope your Mallards live a long and happy life..Are they too big for snapping turtles now?? It looks like they are in the pictures..Your flowers are gorgeous..Good job Jack!!I love the lighting in the early morning..I don't get to see that very often ;) Enjoy this beautiful day..xxoo

deodar said...

One question regarding your 'muzzle debacle', are your halters not breakaways?

Lynne said...

Enjoyed the happy swim . . .
Love your flowers!


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