Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Kicked In The Butt

Yesterday taught me a huge lesson.
When you think your life is idyllic... keep your mouth shut...
because it just might be an invitation for chaos to move right in!

Yesterday morning, early, we headed up to the upper pasture to bring in the horses.
They had been out for the night in their grazing muzzles,
and it was time to come back to the barn before the insects started to get annoying.

We walked up through the fields to get the horses...
since no one had yet made their way down to the gate.
As we clipped lead ropes to halters, I noticed that Donnie Brasco
was standing next to the fence with his head down by his feet.

"I think he's stuck on the fence!" I exclaimed to Jack.
Jack ran over to see... and found that Donnie was indeed stuck...
but not to the fence.
Somehow, during the night... presumably while trying to remove his halter....
he had gotten his foot stuck inside his halter...
essentially tying his face to his foot.
And there he stood for God knows how long.
I was distraught.

Jack got him untangled and began walking him back through the field.
Donnie was slow and stiff, but not in any great distress.

Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, Scarlet (Donnie's sister) came running over...
and turned her back towards Donnie and began violently kicking.
Unfortunately, Jack was between Donnie and Scarlet and took the full force of the kicks
on his butt and right hamstring muscle.
I was completely dumbfounded as all of this drama unfolded.
Luckily, Jack is all right.... a little sore and bruised, but, generally unhurt.

I took Donnie by the lead, while Jack calmed Scarlet down and got her on lead.
He stayed behind with her while I walked Donnie back to the barn.

Apparently it is instinctual herd behavior to try to destroy the weak.
An injured or sick horse can hold the herd back and make them easier prey,
so they try to get rid of the weak.
It's a survival instinct... and a very strong one.

Donnie is now living with the donkey girls while his swollen and sore fetlock has a chance to heal.
He is on dry-lot rest and anti-inflammatories and lots of doses of love.

Meanwhile, bitchy Scarlet stands guard by the fence.... shouting terroristic threats
through the boards at Donnie.

I can only imagine what she's saying to him... and I don't believe it is very nice.
It seems Miss Scarlet has appointed herself to be protector of the herd.

Jack's still waiting for an apology.

I gained a few more grey hairs through this ordeal...
and Jack is officially a horse man.
Yesterday was his initiation.
As for my little Heaven... yesterday made it seem a little more like Hell.

On a lighter note...

the ducks are officially out and about!


Louise Stopford said...

It is so strange how animals can react with each other. As you say, instinct kicks in and at the end of the day they are only doing what comes naturally and showing animal behaviour (not all the time the types of behaviour we like to see as humans). Our rescue cat (after having him for nearly two years) decided that he would start to chase our female cat - and this has been going on for months and months). Her reaction is to attack the cat that she has lived in harmony with for the last 7 years). I am so glad that Donnie wasn't hurt too badly and hope that he will recover very soon. Hopefully Scarlet will allow him to return to his herd without too much drama. Your poor husband - hope he is not too badly bruised. Those ducks are having the time of their lives. The ups and downs of animal keeping eh!!!

GeorgiaHoneyBee said...

Oh my goodness!! Happy Jack is ok and that Donnie is on the mend. Yes - when you make a positive declaration out loud - the hounds of hell come calling!!!

Colleen said...

Holy cow, I couldn't believe what I was reading this morning!! All is well that ends well but what a time until you got things figured out. Btw, I still enjoyed yesterday's post 😊. Speedy recovery to Hubbs and Donnie and Scarlet can get past her problem, and soon.

The JR said...

Sorry to hear that your husband got hurt. Yes, it can happen so fast. In a blink, know that for a fact.

Eyes in the back of your head will be needed around Scarlet for a while.

daisy gurl said...

Oh no! Poor Hubbs and Donnie. Sending healing vibes to everyone.

Rene' said...

Oh my, poor Jack. He's been through a lot this past week. Hope everything is healing!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Drama! Sturm and drang! Glad everyone's okay.

Patsy said...

Good heavens Miss Scarlet! Tara will be okay and kicking Ashley Donnie Wilkes while Moonbeam Butler stood there watching it all won't help anything. And you got the caretaker Jack instead of your target. The war is over.
Love the geese. Have you named them?

Carine said...

hope everyone heals,get better and get along nicely. paradise is made of lively beings. hell is made of walking deads. so you are indeed in paradise.

Dee J. Hartman said...

Healing aHead 4 Hubs & Horse! <^:

Missy George said...

OMG..Poor Donnie and poor Jack..never a dull moment..I hope Scarlet doesn't continue this behavior and will accept Donnie back into the fold!! She always did have an attitude if I remember correctly..Glad all is well !!
Looks like the ducks are happy campers..Jack may have to wait a long time for that apology ;)

jaz@octoberfarm said...

you know, it just goes to show that no matter how well we think we know our animals, we still need to have respect for their animal instincts. i'm telling you...retirement is tough work! hubbs has had a tough few months!

Lynne said...

Ouch . . quite the reaction . . .
Hope things calm and the Bee Haven normalacy returns!


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