Random Moments

No matter how glum we might feel about a certain circumstance...
there is always more than enough to make us smile...
and laugh as well.
Life is good!

Here are some random moments from around the farm that I wanted to share with you.

Hope, singing her good morning song: 

Chester, the bird dog:

It's hard to believe this fellow was still sporting dreadlocks a little over a month ago:

The crazy, lazy, hazy days of summer:

Kayaking fun with Hubbs, Dr. Becky and family.

Have you ever wondered what happened to all those Cabbage Patch Kids?

Do you know what you call one found floating in the river?
Of course.

Sunny coneflowers...my favorite.

Each and every flower type is "my favorite" if the truth were known.
You just can't have enough flowers in your life!

Pumpkin vines growing on the manure piles...again:
(look back at the woods and see what is growing tall)

Seen growing at the edge of the woods:

I have no idea how it got there, but it is a monster.
And yes, I am standing beside it!

I believe I need to transplant this into my garden this autumn.

Fresh berry season is my favorite.
Yesterday's haul:
(and this is only the tip of the iceberg!)

Twisted sister:
Glory says, "I'm not a morning person."

Why all the interest in the tent, little fox?

I will be absent from the blog tomorrow,
as we are headed to NYC for the day (today)...
(our Christmas present from the kids)
We'll be back Friday, however, with more tails to tell.


Louise Stopford said…
Magical moments. I love the photo of Chester with the birds.
colleen said…
Yes, Life is Good!! I start every morning with a coffee and BHA blog.. yes life is good!! Your flowers are gorgeous and your posts always so much fun! Will miss you tomorrow morning but be waiting for Fridays post. Have fun in NYC. xoxox
ligirlva said…
Enjoy NYC! You will love The Lion King. I saw it last summer and it was amazing. Also wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. It is a morning ritual while drinking my coffee. I truly do look forward to it.
daisy g said…
Safe travels...

So much for which to be grateful.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pictures!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
now that is a hollyhock! it's like jack and the beanstalk! have fun in NYC!
Lynne said…
Great pictures . . .
Loved the huge reddish Hollyhock . . .
The Lion King . . . NYC . . . enjoy!
What a gorgeous hollyhock! A fave heritage flower of mine.
Marilyn F. said…
That is a huge beautiful Hollyhock, must be well fertilized. If you let it go to seed, you can plant many more next year. They look wonderful as a row against a building.
Angie said…
In my garden it seems the plants that don't get attention grow best. Each year the sunflowers that are 'planed' by the birds are better than mine. Any suggestion on how to grow nice sunflowers? That big hollyhock has a gorgeous color. I love all your photos.
I must be an old soul cause I love love hollyhocks and always have--(actually at 70 I guess I am an old soul!!) but that plant has to be the most beautiful one I have ever seen--the blooms are large and well just wonderful looking--thanks for sharing all the photos--but esp that one today--
enjoy, di
Anonymous said…
I collected the seed pods off of a hollyhock in my backyard and sowed them in my front yard the following year, they did great!
WendyFromNY said…
I thought hollyhocks are generally biennial. They grow a basal plant the first year and then shoot up and flower the second, and final, year. Better to plant seeds. Or try growing the seeds as soon as any become ready and have this be their first year, and then they may bloom next year!? What fun kayaking with the fam, must be hard to come in...
littlemancat said…
Love all these photos! The sheepie girls are looking good and oh how I love the river pics. The Susquehanna? I went to college in Lock Haven and loved the river dearly. Something about river towns ...
Have fun in NYC!
diane in northern wis said…
another wonder post, Bev. Such joy and beauty around your farm! I look forward to each day. Your sheep, your turkeys, your pups, your flowers...all are beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!