Friday, June 8, 2018

And A Little More of That...

So, if you are pouring yourself a cup of tea... you won't need as big a mug
as you might have needed for yesterday's post.
Today I just have a few short things to share with you.

You see, after a morning of mowing,
I spent yesterday afternoon with these two Littles...

(not to be confused with the Littles
I have been placing in grazing muzzles!)

Sadly, the most surprising incident of the day happened when I was mowing...
and I didn't have a camera.
Just as I arrived at the bottom of my driveway,
I saw the most incredibly beautiful peacock right on my lawn.
He was brilliant cobalt blue with tail plumage that was extraordinary....
he was truly a fairytale peacock.
Just as I tried to herd him up my driveway, he ran across the road
and scampered up the hill into the woods.
I will be keeping my eye out for him so that I can snap a photo.

I spent the evening back home doing animal chores, watering the garden
and picking the season's first sugar peas.

With an audience....

Mackenzie and Easton's dog, black Sammie
is spending a couple days on the farm.
He loves his farm vacations.

I had to prune the grape arbor last evening... it's becoming a jungle.

The delphiniums are just beginning to blossom...

In a few days, they will be beautiful.
The foxglove is almost ready to bloom as well.
Next week will bring more garden photos.

The bees are enjoying the wisteria almost as much as I am.
I've seen no honeybees yet this year... only bumblebees.

Look what I found on top of the duck hut...

It looks as if this girl has been sleeping there every night!

It's certainly a safe place away from the foxes.

Lastly, I am happy to show you that our ducklings have assimilated
into one big happy family.

And the chicks are adolescents now.
They have grown into their feathers and are starting to show their colors.
This is going to be a rather showy bunch of girls.

I am happy to say that every last girl that arrived a few weeks ago
is still alive and thriving.
This has been my best batch of chicks ever.

This brings us to another week's end.
We'll be back on Monday to share our weekend adventures with you.
Hope your weekend is perfect!


daisy gurl said...

It does my heart good to see those ducks hunkering down together.

Enjoy the weekend!

Lynne said...

What a wonderful Bee Haven world . . .
Loved each, all of your pictures . . .
I hope the Peacock stays around . . . and you see it again soon.
Enjoy the weekend . . .

Kathy said...

Curious about the peacock....where do you think he came from? Kids are cute, ducks have settled in, chicks are thriving, things are blooming..Life is good!! Have a wonderful weekend!

Beverly Frankeny said...

I really haven't a clue. I have heard peacocks at night.... the sound coming from the next ridge... but never this close.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

maybe you need a peacock!? they sure are noisy but then, so are the guineas! my delphiniums are blooming too, as are my oakleaf hydrangeas. have a nice weekend!

Patsy from Illinois said...

A couple of things.
When my folks retired, they bought 5 acres and one of many things my dad did was put in a grape arbor. It grew like crazy and every year, a robin built her nest in one of the curved vines. He would prune the arbor but always left one vine for "his little lady" as he called her. He crossed over in 1985 so thank you for that memory.
I have thought for quite awhile that you needed a peacock or two to add to your menagerie. So maybe God sent that regal fella to put the notion in your mind. Lol. Have a wonderful weekend

Missy George said...

I hope you get a picture of the Peacock..They can be noisy buggers.Sadly, nothing around here is blooming....Even my Oakleaf Hydrangea only has one frail flower on it...Everything has an abundance of leaves..We have terrible soil..Guess I'll feed everything this weekend..Glad the ducks are happy..cute picture of the kids..Have a good weekend..

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Where did a PEACOCK come from? One of your neighbours has a secret!

ninergirl04 said...

Thank you so much for brightening the day with your photos, whether they be your adorable "littles" or gorgeous pics of the blooms of the day. They are all appreciated!


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