Monday, April 23, 2018

This Pig Isn't The Only One Smiling...

I am so happy to tell you that we enjoyed the first
truly spring-like weekend of the season.
We are all smiling!

It was a weekend full of outdoor activities...
giving us the ability to check a few things off the spring chore list.

Tim and Amanda were home for the weekend,
so we took advantage of the extra hands and worked on that felled
walnut tree in the pig yard.

It was a rather large tree, 
but with three of us using chain saws,

the work went quickly.
I love my little chain saw.

It's an arborist's chain saw and is perfect for branches.
I am very, very careful when using it as it is a rather dangerous piece of equipment.

But, oh, what fun I have with it!

After the tree work was finished, I trimmed pigs' feet.

Our pigs are quite tolerant.
As long as someone is there to rub their bellies, 
they could care less as I work on their feet.

I love the fact that our dogs are so comfortable with all of the animals.

Chester has been a very quick study and has adapted to this farm life as though
he were born here.

This weekend was the first and second trial of the grazing muzzles.

The horses were not impressed, but it only took a little time for them
to learn how to eat with them on.

Still...they snort their protest when not busy eating.
They keep trying to tell me that I am starving them to death.


I am going to try another type of muzzle,
as I worry that these may be too hot during the summertime.

The weekend was the perfect blend of outside work and play...
the first of many, I am sure!


Colleen said...

I know exactly how you feel about the weekend. I hung clothes on the line, raked, and Doug got the deck swing out of storage.... all these things were done around piles of snow but hey I'll take it. The piles of snow are where the snowblower piled it up. Other than those places the rest should be gone this week.

Karen Ann said...

We had a great weekend too, just loving the sun and the (slightly) warmer temps. I'm amazed that the pigs are so good about getting their feet trimmed! I assumed that would be a horrendous job, they are incredible!

daisy gurl said...

Look! I see grass! Whoo-hoo! I think spring is here to stay!

Lynne said...

Loving this past weekend . . .
Hope it continues for the week . . .

Happy your dogs and animals get along just fine . . .

Do be careful with that saw!

Missy George said...

Glad you were able to get a lot done this weekend..Me too...All outdoors..Beautiful weekend..Be careful with that saw..Don't take after your Dad!!


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