Wednesday, April 11, 2018

"Bearly" There

With the sun just below the horizon,
the blue hour was upon us.
Still groggy from a night of deep slumber, I opened my eyes and gazed out the window...

the romantic snow that had silently fallen while sitting at the previous day's bonfire
had decided to stick. 

Once again we were blanketed in frosty, beautiful white. 
It frosted the branches of trees and shrubs, but barely lay on the ground...
a temporary winter dressing that would quickly be no more than a memory.

As I dressed for morning chores,
I heard Hubbs groan as he looked out the front window.
"I forgot to bring the bird feeders in last night.
We had another bear visit."

I could barely contain my excitement...
not because there had been a bear on our porch, but because we had placed 
game cameras around the front yard and there would be photographic evidence
of our un-invited visitor.

As if we needed photographic evidence!

This bird feeder had hung on the outside of the railing next to the suet feeder.
The hanger was now twisted and bent onto the front porch.
The bear apparently spent a good deal of time sitting here on the porch emptying
this feeder.

This feeder was missing, it's hook pulled downward.

I found it next to the woods, empty.

Pictoral evidence is so much more exciting, though.
(pay no attention to the date and time on the photos - 
we forgot to reset the clock on the cameras when we changed the batteries.)

In the photo below, the corner of the front deck above the bear's shoulder is six feet off the ground.
I estimate this fellow was about 5 feet tall... not a very big bear.

 He(she) was remarkably gentle.
Normally we find our feeders torn to shreds.

I feel sorry for bears at this time of year.
They've woken from a long winter's nap and are quite hungry.
There's not much out there for them to eat with Winter hanging on as it is.

Still, it's not a great idea for them to associate our house with food.
The bird feeders will be brought in each evening from now on.
Garage doors will be shut and doors to the house locked.

It's a fascinating world out there in the wild.
I am so grateful to be able to experience it...
and so excited to be able to share it with you.

Perhaps an after-meal nap?


Louise Stopford said...

Wow - How amazing to see these creatures - albeit a bit scary!!! Remarkable photo's.

GeorgiaHoneyBee said...

Incredible!!!! So happy you moved the game cameras!

Dee J. Hartman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dee J. Hartman said...

Dee J. Hartman said...

Black Bear, Black Bear, What do you see? "
I see a suet feeder, just for me!"

NOTE: I finally took the time to locate Millersville, PA.
(My geography is lacking!) ...Someday, I'd like to visit to see your
fairies and mushrooms at your enchanted place!

Lynne said...

Happy you moved the camera and they revealed Bear evidence.
I hope he doesn’t get angry when he comes back tonight and doesn’t find the feeders.
Walking out on the deck at three in the morning to look at the stars might not be a good idea!
Just sayin’ . . .

daisy gurl said...

Too close for comfort! I empathize with the bears as well. Hopefully, this is the last of winter. (How many times have I said that in the last month?) ;0D

Marsha said...

Wow bears would be scary, my dogs like to take a bathroom break at night!

Kim said...

Beautiful creature, from a distance of ourse. Smart thinking to move the cameras. Thanks for the peek into the life of a sleepy bear.

Unknown said...

Great pictures, but glad we don't have bears on our deck! I am surprised the dogs didn't alert at all. Do they usually hear the bears?
Lisa G in TN

Kathy said...

Very cool photo catch! I know we have them around here, but I have never seen one and would love to!

Missy George said...

I love the dusting of snow pictures..beautiful..Great catch with the bear..was there only one?? Bring those feeders in !!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Great bear photos!

Carine said...

If I were living in your place, I know I could not resist leaving vegetables and fruits for the bear to eat in the front yard but not on the terrasse. this poor bear must be starving to eat seeds for the birds! regards from Carine in France

An American in Tokyo said...

I hope the bears don't associate your place with food!!
The photos are quite exciting though! hee hee!

Thank you for sharing and don't forget to bring in the bird feeders!


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