Friday, March 30, 2018

You're not getting older!

Hello!  Jack (aka "Hubbs:) here. 
Tomorrow is Bev’s birthday (I won’t tell you which one, but amazingly we are only 1 year apart in age, and I’m the only one who looks his age!).


I wanted to share with you, all, the answer to a question frequently asked on her blog:  “How does she get so much done in a given day?”

Well, I live with her, and I can give you my answer to  

how she accomplishes

and balances so many things in a given day. 


However, before I tell you, I must share with you that more impressive than HOW MUCH she accomplishes in a given day, is that she does all of it with QUALITY…

If you are lucky enough to have found her blog, you have all seen some of the manifestations of her commitment to Quality:


If you are lucky enough to be her guest, you will experience the Quality of a gourmet-like meal:

However, unknown to our guests, she prepares every meal, every day that way!!

 So how does she do it, and with such style...


My best answer to how she produces so much high Quality in our every day is, that she cares so much.  But why does she care so much?    I believe that she cares so much because she Loves so much.  Bev shares with all of us the deepest, most authentic, and soulful type of love I have ever seen…

So, if you are lucky enough to know Bev, you benefit from the glow of her love:

If you are lucky enough to be one of her animals, you get to experience the persistence of her love…

 If you are lucky enough to be one of her grandkids, you feel the depth of her love

From Ashley, daughter-in-law and Mommie to Mack and Easton, (a few things she thought that Mackenzie and Easton would say if they were actually able to verbalize legitimate sentences!). 

        "We are lucky that Bev is our Grammie because:
         She loves spending time with us and we love spending time with her too! 
         We love how patient she is with us and wants to teach us new things.
         We love to visit her and explore the farm and visit with the animals.
         She is always there to take care of us if we are sick and is our favorite nurse.
         She makes delicious cookies and cakes!!!"

And from Mack and Easton's Daddy, Andy:
"As a parent of young children, I like to think of things that I can teach my kids as they grow older.  They, and I, are VERY fortunate to have their "Grammy" in our lives as an example of some very important traits and life lessons that they can emulate.  There are two traits that stick out in my mind about Grammy in particular:

1.  Grammy can do ANYTHING! - If she's never done it, not a problem.  If she doesn't know how, she'll find a way to figure it out!
2.  If Grammy says she'll do it, it will be done!  I have never met a person with more follow through... EVER!

We all love you Grammy!  Happy Birthday!"

If you are lucky enough to be close to her, you feel the breadth of her love:

From Bev's Mom Liz:
"Bev is the best daughter ever!"

From Bev's Step Mom, Missy:
"A lady with many talents and capabilities.  Warm and caring, Bev is always there for friends and family to lend a helping hand no matter how busy she is herself.  She is loved by all of us!"

If you are lucky enough to really know her, you feel the intensity of her love:   Amanda says it well: 

"Her middle name should be 'Real Talk.'  She sees you, who you could be, and speaks directly to your potential.  This kind of advice often makes you gulp down all of your pride, can be a pain in the a**, and causes some growing pains.  But, if you listen, you end up wild and free, kinda like her!  It's her magic!"

If you were lucky enough to be one of her patients, you learn the generality of her love:
At 2 weeks post-op, I can now put on my own socks!  
If you are lucky enough to be married to her, you learn the immediacy of her love…that every fleeting moment in life exists because of love.  So every day, in every way, she drags me out of my head and into the moment


where we can laugh and play.

So when you read her blog each day, I suggest that you try to see what is common to them all and what moves her to share them with you:  Love…

So my answer to the question “How does she get so much done in a given day?"

  With a love that just won’t quit…


  1. Beautiful . . .
    Happy Birthday Bev . . .

  2. What a woman!

    Happy Birthday Bev, I hope you have the most amazing birthday and easter weekend

  3. Hubbs thanks for sharing. Her love shines through in her daily writings. I feel so fortunate to have one of her bracelets, chicken pin cushions and some of her favorite recipes.
    HaPpy bIrThday, Bev!! Xoxoxo

  4. What a beautiful post!! I love reading her blog because I can tell with every word, that she is a passionate and compassionate person, to any and every person or animal in her life. She is inclusive, not judgmental, and open to new things. Bev makes me want to be a better person - for my people and animals.

    Thank you, Jack, for such a lovely post. And thank you Bev, for who you are, and for my daily dose of happy!

    Karla from Coal City, IL

  5. Oh, Jack. Now why'd you want to make me go and cry like that?
    What a sweet tribute and well-deserved. What a blessing Bev is to this world. She helps me to remember that there are other folks out there who are as optimistic as I am, despite the things the world throws at us.
    Bev, I'll tell you what I write on all of my loved ones' birthday cards, "I am SO glad you were born."
    Continued blessings to y'all.
    Be Blissed!

  6. That was indeed a lovely post Jack (very well done) and your accompanying photo's were excellent. It's funny how you can build up a bond with someone you have never met personally. Reading Bev's blog every day, as I've said many times before, is inspirational. It really feels like she is a good friend and her blog is just so uplifting. So to add to her many wonderful traits I would say generosity is definitely up there with them. It's a generous thing to do to invite us readers to share her life, thus giving us so much enjoyment. So thank you Jack for your lovely blog post, thank you Bev for your continued generosity in sharing and a VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

  7. What a beautiful tribute! Yes, her love comes through on every post she writes. I've been reading the blog for years, and I look forward to it every day. The posts make me laugh, and cry and feel good, and see the beauty in everyday things.

    Happy birthday, Bev!

  8. Well done,lovingly stated,Hubbs. Yes, the key to who Bev is and how she lives in this world is love. And humor too. Thanks for this post,had me in tears. The love you two share is beautiful.
    Have a joyful birthday and Easter -

  9. Well Hubbs, you've done it now! Told us her secret and in such an elegant and loving way. I have told her before that I read probably 10 or so blogs daily and I always save hers until last. Because you always save the best for last
    Happy Birthday dear Bev. And know that we love you too.

  10. this is so beautiful! happy birthday bev! you are one special lady!

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  12. Bev, have a love-filled Happy Birthday, like all the days of your life! ....AND, to your "Hubbs": I read the other comments from today, thus far, and found them all to be coming from my soul, too! ...When I read the one from "daisy gurl," I thought, "I'm not the only one with tears in my eyes through today's blog!" {I even used my kleenex for a new-stuffy nose! Jack, you may accept all the blame for these physical issues. LOL!) ...Seriously, though, thank you so much for sharing the dearest blog, ever, of "our" precious Bev!

  13. Such a heart-warming post. Both of you are such special people, it’s like watching a fairy tale every day. Bev is the energizer bunny in disguise, I envy her energy! I like seeing the farm and the animals and the family, feels like I know you all even though we have never met in person. Hope you heal from your surgery quickly, Hubbs. And Bev, I hope you have the best birthday ever! All of us readers love you, a very special part of our day! ❤️❤️❤️

    Queen Marcy
    Atlanta GA

  14. Such a loving, beautiful tribute to a loving and beautiful woman! A very Happy Birthday, Bev!

  15. Happy Happy Birthday, what a wonderful tribute full of love from your family.

  16. A beautiful post! Happy Birthday, Bev!

  17. Happy Birthday Bev! Keep spreading your love and kindness! What a beautiful tribute from your wonderful family!!!

  18. Happy Birthday, Beth! You are truly a motivator to many of us to live life more intense. Thank you!

  19. Happy Birthday dear blog friend--your posts and photos always make my day--
    thank you thank you for who you are--
    enjoy, di

  20. Hubbs, what a wonderful homage to your wonderful wife! Happy Birthday to a lovely lady that never fails to put a smile on my face when enjoying her posts!

  21. Something happened to my comment and I didn't want to your birthday to go by unnoticed. Well said Jack. She's very special and that was a beautiful tribute. Brought a tear to my eye! You are loved by many, even those that don't know you in person. You inspire and motivate many. Have a wonderful birthday and a happy Easter. Xxoo

  22. Happy Birthday Bev. May your day be filled with much LOVE from your family and friends

  23. I am a fairly new friend on Bev's blog, truly enjoy it, and yes, have also wondered how she gets so much done and so well done and blogs every day!! Just amazing. You wrote a beautiful post, Jack, covering so much. I can see a strong loving dedication on your part as well. Thanks to both of you for sharing your journey with us. And Happy Birthday BEV!!!

  24. Hubbs... What a beautiful birthday post! You have a way with words. And such a love note. Just simply awesome...
    Happy Birthday Bee Haven Maven! :-)

  25. How beautiful and how blessed all of you are. I know you (Dr Frankey) and you are quite the caring and loving soul yourself. I enjoy every blog and think ALL of you are blessed to have each other... God Bless you all

  26. What a beautiful tribute & all so true! You are the energizer bunny! Hope you had a great Birthday! Just got done celebrating my grandson’s 33rd Birthday!! Many more to you! Love your Blogs!

  27. Happy Birthday, esteemed Bee Haven Maven, and very many happy, healthy and worry-free ones more! And thanks for "growing love" - including through your blog! Heartfelt best wishes always.

  28. Happy Birthday Bev!!!

    I feel the love in every blog post!!

    It's the sunshine in my day!! Janie

  29. What a beautiful, beautiful post.. wow... goosebumps. You are both very lucky to have each other, and the world is lucky you're in it.

  30. diane in northern wisApril 2, 2018 at 9:43 PM

    What an exceptionally beautiful tribute from so many. and we your blog readers feel blessed to read about you and your family and critters every day. We feel like we know you, at least a little. Thanks Bev for a terrific blog and for doing all you do with such integrity and love.


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