Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Strange Behaviors

One of the wonderful things about this life...
is that there are still things that surprise and amaze me.
Nature is always full of wondrous surprises.

After so many years of caring for animals, you would think that
I have experienced every imaginable animal behavior.
And yet... every once in a while something happens that leaves me utterly speechless.

Last evening during chore time,
(just after I had finished feeding and watering the donkeys, and horses...
and finished closing up the guineas in their house)
I was out in front of the barn filling watering cans with water for the 
following morning's chores.

From the back of the barn I could hear one of the donkeys making quite a racket...
braying, braying, braying... not their hungry braying, but their "alarm" braying.
I couldn't imagine what could be wrong.
I had just left their yard when I was closing up the guineas and they were busily eating.

The braying continued.
It was obvious one of them was calling for me.
Worried... I headed back through the barn and out the back door.

There, in the donkey yard, was Daphne...

with her nose to the fence...
staring into the guinea yard.

I peaked around the corner to find that Annie had been trapped in the guinea yard.
Now, I must tell you... Annie is not a barker. 
She uttered not a peep.
She stood there with a worried look on her face, but didn't bark.

Seeing me, Daphne went back to calmly eating.
I walked around to the other side of the guinea pen and let Annie out of captivity.

Peaceful evening mealtime returned.
All was right with Daphne's world once again.

I try to not anthropomorphize animal's actions -
but I have lived with many species for many years and I understand the complex 
emotions felt by animals.
I know that in that moment, Daphne became Annie's voice.
She understood that what had happened to Annie was not normal...
and she was determined to let me know about it.

Once again, I am awestruck by my animals.
They are so much more complex than most people believe.

I also thought you might enjoy this video, taken yesterday.
I had a friend visiting the farm for a couple of days.
As I was showing her the old log cabin, I heard the turkeys heading down the driveway.
This is an area that they never roam...
however, for some reason, yesterday, they just wanted to be near us.

As we left and drove back up the driveway....

Strange behaviors, indeed!


Louise Stopford said...

Animals never cease to amaze me, they are truly remarkable. Loved the video of the turkeys running. Bet they were worn out by the time they got home - just look at those little legs go!!

daisy gurl said...

Daphne nearly brought tears to my eyes. I am so touched by her sensitivity and caring about her pal.

Those are some mighty speedy waddlers!

Kim said...

Sweet Daphne. I have always heard that they are excellent protectors. She did a great job alerting you to something that was awry. Thank you for that giggle watching those turkeys 🦃 careening down the road behind you!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i always think that the first thing we will realize when we die is that animals are much smarter and evolved than humans are. the turkey run is too funny!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

A wonderful story!

Karen Ann said...

It's truly remarkable - and because we are so aware of their complexities and "emotion", all the more horrible to see the abuses inflicted on many.

Loved Daphne's SOS to you, just amazing.

Missy George said...

Mollie always lets me know when Zoey is doing something bad..She did the same thing with Max..Animals are very intuitive...

An American in Tokyo said...

I'm glad you were able to recognize Daphne's alarming voice!
I'm sure that Annie appreciated it as well!

I think that most animals are more intelligent than we imagine.
They seem to communicate with each other much better than we do sometimes!

I love the turkey run video! They remind of ducks waddling!

diane in northern wis said...

Oh gosh Bev, what sweet stories you are telling today. I love the story of Daphne helping out Annie....and I love your turkeys...wanting your company and following you as you departed. So sweet, it brought such a smile to my face and a tear to my eye. Living with those animals and fowl would make me just want to hug them to pieces every day. What a delightful group of loving critters you have. What a blessing they are. Thank you for sharing.

Lynne said...

Waddle, Waddle and animal “talk” . . .
Happy you listened . . .
Annie was too!


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