Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Still Waiting....

It's almost Easter, but Spring is taking her good ole time making an appearance.

Looking through the window, you might suspect that Spring has arrived.
The days are lengthening.
The sky is blue.
The birds are singing, busily setting up housekeeping.

We've seen our first redwing blackbird.
And buds are popping out all over the place.

And yet... I walk outside each morning for chores and am greeted by temperatures in the 20's.
Yes, our nights dip below freezing... every night.

I have heard that things are going to start warming up by the end of the week.
Perhaps the snow will all be gone by then.
A little remains on our southern slopes.

Of that I will be glad.
The first day that I can head out jacket-less will be a day for celebration.

Even the sheep had the notion to graze yesterday morning.
Unfortunately, the grass is still dormant,
so there's nothing to graze upon at the present moment.
There is always plenty of hay available to them.

Still... one of these days they'll be out in the pasture grazing...
with no need for supplemental hay.

Our sourdough starter is still going strong.
Hubbs baked this loaf of multi-grain bread while I was gone on Sunday.
It's been well over a month since we have bought any bread.
We've made our own bread, rolls, bagels and English muffins.

The kitchen has been a bake shop lately...
cupcakes,  decorated cookies....
so many goodies.
I've been trying out recipes to use for our upcoming September wedding.
These orange cupcakes will definitely be on the  dessert table.
(thanks Joyce, for the orange cake recipe!)

The Hubbs Report...
Hubbs continues to do well with his recuperation.
Yesterday was his first trip out to the barn for morning chores.
Don't worry, he's behaving himself...
helping me with easier chores, like feeding the cats,
and filling water buckets with the hose.

Yesterday he even helped me transport the horses up to the upper pastures.
It was a good day for everyone!


Colleen said...

We are still under piles of snow!
I was surprised to read Hubbs was able to make bread... then some farm duties, way to go Hubbs!!
Are the accordion style bottles easier to use for the frosting? ... I have arthritic hands.

Beverly Frankeny said...

Colleen....I find the bottles to be easiest for cookie decoration with royal icing. However, for decorating cupcakes, I like to use bags instead.

Louise Stopford said...

Glad that your husband is doing well following his surgery and that he is starting to get out and about. This weather is crazy here in UK to. We had a lovely Spring like weekend last weekend and you get a lovely taste of things to come and then for the Easter break colder weather with more snow is predicted. Feel that I have got behind with the garden as I am sure I started my peas and bits and bobs off in the greenhouse this time last year. Haven't even given the garden a good tidy up yet due to snow and cold conditions. Have you started any seeds off yet Bev? I think we must all be itching to get going with Spring garden chores now - it's been a long, long winter!!

GeorgiaHoneyBee said...

So happy Hubbs is doing good. Love Moonbeam's photo!!

daisy gurl said...

Ugh. The snow I don't mind, but those temps in the 20's! Sending you some NC sunshine!

Great news that Hubbs is feeling better. I'm sure it feels good to be able to partake in the routine again.

littlemancat said...

Thanks for the Hubbs update - happy to hear how well he's doing. That bread looks so good! I'm imaging a piece of it with lovely butter - yum! And the orange cupcakes. My mom loved orange cake and enjoyed it for her April birthday.
Time for Spring!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

today we start to warm up but the rain has moved in. have you started your seeds yet? glad to hear hubbs is on the mend. oh cool....my orange cake might end up at the wedding! i have a friend getting married next year and i am doing his cookie table as my gift.

Missy George said...

Last night was to be our last night for below freezing temps..You may have a coupe more..I took the deicer out of the birdbath and cleaned it this AM..Hubbs multigrain bread looks wonderful..My favorite..Glad he's able to do a little now..Good for the morale!! Enjoy the rest of your week..Might be wet...

An American in Tokyo said...

Glad to hear your Hubbs is on the mend!
And I am anxiously waiting for spring as well!
I can't wait to put away all my down jackets and winter gear!


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