Monday, March 19, 2018

Quiet Days

Lying in the sun, feeling the warmth of its rays is enough to make anyone smile!

March has been cold and windy,
so when Sunday reached 50 degrees
 we all shouted a little Hallelujah and headed out to feel the sun.

I love to see the equines lying down to sleep.
They nap during the day, but mostly standing up with their eyes half closed.
It's hard to resist lying in the sun.

So, with one of them standing guard, the rest let their guard down,
and give in to sleep.

They'll only do this if they feel safe and secure...
which is why it warms my heart to see this.

Happy horses, who have spent their morning out in the pasture,
now soaking up the sun.

At peace.

While out tending to afternoon chores, I found Fred trapped inside the garden fence-
Obviously, he had forgotten how he had gotten in there in the first place.
All he knew was that his friends were not with him... he was all alone... and trapped!

I opened the upper gate and he scrambled out...

running to join Tom who was concerned for his friend.

Life remains slow and quiet these days with Hubbs slowly getting stronger.
His back seems to be healing nicely.
The weekend offered a little diversion for us both.
Amanda and Tim spent the weekend on the farm - 
a visit and also a bit of farm help which was greatly appreciated.

Mackenzie and Easton came for a visit on Saturday.
While Hubbs napped, we took a walk through the woods...

Mackenzie kept her eyes on the woods, 
looking for sleepy bears waking up from their long winter's nap.

We didn't see any... 
but, with five dogs combing the woods with us, I didn't expect to see any either.
Still, it was fun to pretend.

Easton spent the entire walk singing at the top of his lungs.
I think he liked the way his voice sounded as the stroller vibrated over stones and bumps.

Mackenzie spent a bit of time visiting all of the animals and handing out treats.

This gal is fearless - a great trait for a little girl.

She also announced that she wants to ride Red.
So, I assured her that when the weather got a little warmer, she could sit on Red and go for a ride.
Oh, what fun lies ahead for us!

Sunday was slow and quiet, so I took the opportunity to do a little baking.

And just in case you were wondering...
of course we did a little dressing up for St. Patty's Day...

because everyone is just a little Irish on that day!


daisy gurl said...

What a superb weekend! It is warming up here, although we may have snow flurries on Wednesday. Spring hasn't made Her mind up yet and Ole Man Winter isn't giving up that easily. ;0D

Glad to hear Hubbs is on the mend.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

every time i see the kids on your farm i think about how enriched their lives are by the farm experience. they will be naturals when they get older!


Glad to hear that hubbs is healing nicely--and what a delightful family--and that granddaughter is going to be an animal lover for life--how sweet--but those '2' donkey children in their St Patty's day trims are the cutest!!!
thanks for all the photos-
enjoy, di

diane in northern wis said...

awww....I love the pictures of everybody sleeping in the sun. Sunday was a beautiful day here too! We have snow mountains higher than the house, still to melt, but Spring is almost here and can't wait for more sunny and not below-zero days! Love seeing your grand kids romping around the farm and I smile BIG everytime I see those sheep of yours...especially when little fingers are offering treats! So fun! Thanks Bev. Tell Hubbs to keep healing. May all be well with him.


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