Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Happy Spring?

"Hey Pigs!  The good news is... it's almost Spring!"
"The bad news... more snow is on the way."

I stopped by the pig pen yesterday afternoon to commiserate.
Spring's arrival was due in less than 24 hours,
and was to be pre-empted by another nor-easter snowstorm.

Early predictions said we would get 8 to 13 inches on the farm.
Thankfully that was downgraded to 1to 2 inches.

The girls nearly fainted when I told them the news.

I am less than thrilled, but have decided that I am not going to waste
any emotional energy on the angst that I could feel if I allowed myself.
No, I am going to enjoy the beauty...
and keep on keeping on!

Spring will come eventually, right?
It has to.

So, for now... if you happen to be enjoying spring-like weather...
and getting your fingers dirty planting flowers...
please send some warm thoughts our way,
so that this stuff melts as soon as possible!!

Sammy enjoyed his nap in the sun yesterday...
and would like to make that a regular occurrence.

In the mean time, I'll be spending time in front of a fire,
and enjoying the tulips that are blooming on my windowsill.


  1. I think that we are all getting frustrated waiting for the Spring to arrive. In Cheshire UK we awoke on Sunday to more of the white stuff. Today it has all gone and the sun is out, but it is still bitterly cold. Is it just me or has been been a long, long winter!!?? The daffodils are opening now so Spring must be just around the corner. Your tulips look lovely and are a sure sign of nice things to come.

  2. Although we have tulips and daffs blooming, we are slated for possible flurries this week again. You won't hear me fussing though. I'm thrilled with the blessing of living a seasonal life once again. I will trudge through whatever snow is on the ground to make it to my Master Gardening class tomorrow! Spring will be that much sweeter!
    Sending some sunny thoughts your way!

  3. and i am excited that we might have one last snow! even if we get some it won't last for long.

  4. Happy First Day of Spring . . .
    Today is the day . . .
    Not feeling it . . .
    Just around the corner . . .

  5. Your Tulips are beautiful..I hope this nor'easter is like the lat three...no big deal. It's warm enough that it shouldn't be around forever if it is bad.The predictions are all over the place..Let's just keep a happy thought..I'm over salt and plows..Winter can hang out awhile..xxoo

  6. Snowing here - again! Tomorrow is supposed to be the really snowy day. Bah humbug!
    I have a trio of blue hyacinths in a pot from the grocery store - a little spring. Love your tulips!

  7. diane in northern wisMarch 20, 2018 at 10:10 PM

    Happy Spring! We're not getting the latest snowstorm but we have mountains of snow that still need to melt. Here's hoping Spring will arrive for all of us, very soon. By the way, your place does look beautiful in snow!

  8. Love your indoor tulips. Yes, Spring is eventual, but if we could only have some control over when it would happen!! That would be nice. Think we are all ready for Spring to come, especially those who are in the East.


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