Monday, March 5, 2018

For The Birds

One of the best parts of farm life is having the opportunity to observe
animals in their day-to-day routine.

And although I love spending time with all our four-legged critters,
the birds, and especially the chickens, are definitely the most comical
and interesting subjects to study.

They flit around all day long...from here to there and there to here...
so very busy tending to all of their chicken business.

After all these years, I have come to realize that there are so very many 
similarities between us and them.

One thing that is evident is that they develop certain habitual behaviors
and develop strong preferences.

For example:
We have a particular red hen who has developed a fondness for laying her eggs in the turkey house.

Even if all of the chickens are closed up in their yard for the day,
(in the case of inclement weather)

she escapes through the larger holes in the fence (near the top of the pen)
and makes her way over to the turkey house.

There, she makes her way into her favorite nesting box and lays her egg.

If, by chance the turkey yard is closed,
she lays her egg outside the door.
(For reasons known only to her.)

It's a lot like we humans.
Do you have a favorite room?  A favorite chair?  A preferred side of the bed?
A mug from which you prefer to drink your tea or coffee?
Chickens are no different.

They perch in the same spot each night at bedtime.
They prefer certain nesting boxes.
They even seem to prefer the company of certain other chickens... friends.

Speaking of egg-laying...
the guineas have continued to gift us with six or so eggs on a daily basis.

Raising them in their house and yard...
and then closing the back up each night has taught them to identify that place as home.
Hopefully it will continue!

We had a lovely weekend celebrating Hubbs' birthday.
One of his gifts was this wild bee house.

We will hang it in the garden in hopes that wild bees use it for raising their young.

I also wanted to follow up on the metal guards that I bought for our bluebird houses.

They have worked out quite nicely, and will prevent the sparrows and starlings
from enlarging the holes and kicking out the bluebirds' young.

I also spent a little time this weekend finishing up my latest knitting project...
Miss Babette Brambleton.

and her little cotton tail.

Sir Edgar Trunkhill is currently on the needles.
I'll share him with you later this week.


Louise Stopford said...

Chickens are certainly amazing creatures and what I have found is that they love their routine (a bit like me). They know exactly when it's time for them to play out in the garden and make sure that I know what time it is. They know tea time, meal worm time, bed time. Little individual personalities with their likes and dislikes. I love my two chickens so much as they cheer me up no end watching their antics and having them chattering away to me. They are clever little creatures. Babette is so sweet. At school I used to have a best friend called "Babette" - lovely name.

Colleen said...

And to think years back I was petrified of chickens. And now I can't even imagine not having them.
Anxious to see how the bee house does.
That little cotton tail is it sweetest!!

daisy gurl said...

Creatures of habit, aren't we all?

Cool bee house! What a great gift idea!

That lil' Babette is adorable!

Kim said...

I just saw that bee house at Costco last week and considered it. I have read that they are popular with a certain variety of bee. Please let us know if you get visitors. Adorable little bunny!

GeorgiaHoneyBee said...

That bunny is adorable!!!!

Deb said...

Love the chicken stories. And the adorable.

Candice said...

We bought that bee house last week at Costco, then realized that our wasps here in Texas might use it instead, and we don't want them to drive away the bees. Was preparing to return it to Costco for that very reason unless you have any thoughts on that, since you are likely more knowledgable on bees than I am. Such a very cute bunny...can't wait to meet her mate!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

that is the cutest bunny! i wish i had chickens.

Patsy said...

The bee house is so interesting. I didn't know there was such a thing. So let us know how it works. Love Babette. You are a talented knitter.

Missy George said...

We all have routines in which we are comfortable and may get a little frazzled if our routine is altered..The Bee House is a great idea..It will be fun to see how it evolves..Babette is precious..What a great job you did..I envy your abilities..The guineas are doing their share keeping the egg inventory up...Have a happy week..xxoo

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That knitted bunny is so cute! And the wild bee house is very cool too.

An American in Tokyo said...

Miss Babette Brambleton is soooooooooo cute!!!

The birds (chickens) and the bees! hee hee!

My pet finch also has his favorite spots for sleeping, spying on me, etc. =D

Jan Stollings said...

Your blog makes me smile everyday. Thank you for making me feel at home on your farm. Love Miss Babette!


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