Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Afternoon Chores

As I sit here collecting my thoughts,
 the world outside looks like this...


Goodness, we are just one week away from the first day of Spring.
I am so very ready for Spring...
and so very over snow.

But then, weather is one of those things in life that we don't get to choose...
so I will grin and bear it.
I will appreciate the soft, white, quietude that morning will bring
as I go about my chores.

Luckily, I took the time to do a little extra outdoors work yesterday.
First, I transported this happy group of horses back to the barn...

for their chow -  after a lovely morning of grazing.
This required three separate trips.
First... Moonbeam to his stall.

Second... Ponies to the dry lot.
Third... Littles to their stall.

By the time I reached the barn with the Littles, 
Moonbeam had finished his chow, picked the lock to his stall door,
 and let himself out into the dry lot.

Not one for locked doors of any sort,
he then attempted to unlock the Littles' stall.

I would love to believe that he tried this in an effort to free the Littles,
but my better sense tells me that he did it in an attempt to eat their chow.
I can only hope that the ponies had eaten most of theirs before Moonbeam escaped his stall!

Next, the dogs (Sam, Annie and Chester) and I cleaned all of the pastures.
Sam rode shotgun, of course.

An hour later, we dumped the manure on the manure pile,
and headed over to gather eggs and feed the goats.
By this time, snow had begun to fall.

I had gone to the feed store earlier in the morning and bought goat feed...
so everyone was quite excited to get their fresh meal.
I think it must taste best when it is fresh out of the bag.

Next on the list was to take hay to the sheep.

Chester reminded me that the pigs needed treats.
(Of course, so did Chester)

And... apparently the sheep, as well.

Don't even ask me how many Ritz crackers we go through in a week....
all I can say, is ... I am sure we are their best consumer.
Seriously, Nabisco... how about using us for a commercial!!

(sorry for the sound of the gator engine)

"Ok, dogs... let's go home."
"Chester... come on... let's go home."

Chester was sure that the sheep had dropped some crumbs on the ground,
and he was determined to get every last one of them!


Louise Stopford said...

Those sheep girls are so lovely and gentle - such cute girls. Finally got rid of the snow here and the daffodils are coming up (a sure sign of Spring). Hopefully it is only around the corner for all of us.

Lynne said...

I agree . . . Nabisco needs to know!
Spring may be a week away but SNOW is around here too.
You have me wondering if a new lock system will need to be put in place . . .
I enjoy your “family” and the daily happenings . . .

daisy gurl said...

Seriously! You don't even use the generic equivalent. They really should feature all of your critters enjoying their product. Your pups are SO patient, each waiting his or her turn. Amazing!

We had a dusting of snow yesterday as well, not expected. I hope you enjoy a week of sunshine and warming up!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

your pictures should be on the ritz cracker box! no snow here yet. maybe a little bit later today.

Kathy said...

Yes, pictured on the box....like Wheaties! I remember the generic versus brand name test, but forget the official results.

littlemancat said...

The sun's peeking out here and additional sun from checking out Bee Haven Acres! Gee, now I think I want some Ritz crackers too!

Cathrin Morgan said...

Just watching and enjoying the animals is so relaxing. You can tell they are loved and well taken care of. Have a great day

Jennifer B. said...

Wouldn't it be great if you could somehow get Nabisco's castoffs? Like if they have crackers that are broken or maybe a little too brown or something that don't make it to packaging. If you could work out a deal to buy those in bulk ... what an awesome recycling win-win for you both!


Moonbeam sounds like a 'neat' horse--maybe he should be in a circus with his act!!! And maybe you will have to do a 'go fund me' page to buy all those Nabisco crackers!!!! Or sell t-shirts with some of the 'family' photos on them
like Faith and Hope or the pig children!!!
Thank you each day for the entertainment you give here with all the photos and talk--
enjoy, di

Country Gal said...

Lovely photos and video . Never a dull moment with farm animals and farm chores that's for sure all in good fun . I remember my days growing up on our farm and I do miss it all . Yes I to have had enough of old man winter and want spring to push him right out the door for good ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

Missy George said...

Have you tried "talking" with Nabisco?? Maybe their marketing division??Love the first picture..

Marilyn F. said...

Oh, such good humor your share with your animals and dogs. A joy to read. Thanks for sharing.

diane in northern wis said...

What a great blog Bev. I loved every picture today....and how you were bustling around getting chores done before the snow blew in. I also love to see you giving delish ritz crackers to all your pals there. So sweet. I still can't figure out how your sheep can see through all that wool. They sure are cute though. Looks like their coats have grown really thick! Thanks for a great story and pics.

An American in Tokyo said...

Moonbeam sounds like such a funny character!
I love how you describe everyone on the farm and their personalities!


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