Soggily Wrapping Up Another Week

I sit here gazing out the window at the rain falling from dark grey skies.
Cold breezes are once again blowing through the tree tops.
As I sit here writing, I am still chuckling from yesterday's comments regarding our
garden angel and the "cold sore"... lichen growth on her face.
You guys crack me up!

I am so thankful for the two warm, sunny days to which we were treated.
They helped to fuel my gardening fire.

I am busy making a list of what needs to be done relatively soon.
The grapevines need pruning.
Minerva, our garden scarecrow who you might have noticed was absent last summer,
needs a complete makeover.
Years ago I drew a pattern for her face... so I will be busy sewing, stuffing and painting
a whole new personality for her.
There will be no sagging for that girl... no, she has the luck of receiving a new face
every few years.
Minerva May Honeycut...her fresh, country look is as timeless as her aprons.

I sit here writing, know that some of my four legged friends are also inside looking out...
waiting for sunny days to return.

The others don't seem to notice the weather.
My horses are notorious for standing out in any given weather...
even though they have the freedom to come and go from three large indoor spaces.

Yesterday I showed you how muddy Moonbeam had gotten himself.
You asked how I would get him clean.

If it were warm summer weather, he would get a bath.
However, since it is winter and cold has returned, I simply allow the mud to dry
and them brush it off.

Amazingly, though, when I went out to feed them yesterday morning, he was almost clean.

With four days of rain predicted, I decided to just ignore his looks...
they will only get worse before getting better.

There are sunny days ahead, and we will use those days to spit-shine this handsome fellow.

So, while the rains fall...
I am busying myself with housework (while listening to my MasterClass courses on
writing, photography and cooking).
I have a few quilting projects that I should start... and finish.
There is always plenty around here to keep me busy.

PS... I am hoping you may have gotten a chance to watch the Rescue Dog Show that was aired last week on the Hallmark Channel.
It was the sweetest thing I have seen in a while...
with categories such as "best kisser", "best couch potato", "best fetcher", 
"best elder dog", and more.
As I watched it I realized that my four rescues could have done very well in this show.

Annie... for agilities and fetching... this girl can run like the wind and stop on a dime.
She catches balls while they are still in the air...
she is the most amazing athlete we have ever seen!

Sam... for couch potato... he thinks the furniture is his.

Oakley.... best elder... best all around friend in the entire world... canine perfection!

And Chester.... best kisser!

This guy just cannot hold his licker!
If my face is anywhere close to his, he covers every possible inch with kisses...
until I am laughing hysterically.

At 8 months, I am pretty sure he's not going to ever grow into his ears!

And with that we've reached the end of another week.
We'll be spending a soggy weekend here on the farm... wading through mud with our friends.

Now, tell me.... have you ever seen anything as cute as these two piggy butts?

The End.


Same muddy soggy mess here, and my horses do the same! I'm thinking, BRRrr... don't you want out of that rain? but they persist in standing out in it. Even though their hay is in their stalls. Perhaps it's their way of getting the dust out of their coats... or something.

I've got gardening on my mind too...

Jody in Georgia said…
Your pictures of the mud brings back memories of growing up on a farm and the "muddy season"! My Mom had 3 kids running in and out and it was not her favorite season! Sun has been out here and, with record breaking high temps, had to finally turn on the a/c to get some sleep. The daffodils are blooming, so hopefully spring is not far behind. Thanks again for sharing your blog with brightens my day every time!
Lynne said…
Liked this post . . .
Always do . . .
Must catch the Hallmark piece . ...
Each animal has their own personality . . . fun to realize/see.
Thanks for the mud/wash response!
Junebug said…
Wasn't that Hallmark Dog show the best! Who could resist cute piggy butts! Enjoy your weekend!
This N That said…
Sweet the piggy butts..Enjoy your weekend..
Laura Sudderth said…
My gardening urge was thrown out of a window these past 10 days (which seem like an eternity). I know you all may make fun...but we are just not used to hard freezes in the middle/upper rarely ever. This stuff is for real and 28 degrees is just not for me nor is it for farmers.
I too thought of the a cold sore on the garden angels lip--how funny!!!
but you do have to admit--it is growing in just the right place for that!!
Love all the photos and yes that last one is really cute of the 'butts' of those 2 wonderful pigs!!!
have a great week end-
enjoy, di
Marilyn Franc said…
Well, I was laughing hard at "The End" with two cute "Pig Butts" en foto. What fun. Love your well-dressed scare crow showing off an apron. A woman in the garden is much more appropriate than the traditional scarecrow. And the doggies, each with a different personality - they all warm our hearts in so many ways. Thanks for sharing.