Friday, February 16, 2018

No Place To Go But Up...

When a day starts out like this...

you know it can only get better!

We are in the midst of a warming trend,
however, yesterday morning our world was still covered in ice.
Don't worry... it was a slow-motion fall... no injuries.
It did scare the heck out of the horses, though, as they peacefully munched on their breakfast.

As the day progressed, it warmed to 60 degrees.
And although it still looked like winter across our area...

it felt like spring.

Hubbs and I took a long walk with no jackets.
It was glorious.
After such a cold winter, I had almost forgotten what the warmth of the sun felt like!

Everywhere we walked we could hear the sound of rushing water...
the snows having melted and the ground too saturated to soak up the moisture.

We need March winds to blow through and dry us out.
Unfortunately, though, the forecast is calling for rain.
100% chance of mud!

I wanted to share with you some of the sounds of the farm.
As I cleaned up the manure in the dry lot yesterday, the pigs voiced their protest
at not being fed first....

Listening to this, I felt so bad that I headed to the barn for hay and feed...
and took it down to the girls right away.

I felt like the Pied Piper as I walked through the mud...
with 5 equines in tow!

Wherever the hay goes.... they go, too!

As I worked around the barn, Hubbs hiked around the farm cleaning out the bluebird boxes.
We had seen several pairs flying about on our walk and realized that we had better
get their accommodations ready for them.

I ordered enough of these to place on the front of each box.

These copper hole protectors will keep other birds from enlarging the holes
of the bluebird boxes and pillaging the contents...
thus keeping the boxes solely for the bluebirds.

And lastly....
I had noticed for some time that whenever I get the broom out to sweep the barn,
Moll cat comes running and gets in the way of the broom.

Yesterday I thought I would try something, so I took the broom and swept it down her back.
She kept turning around and coming back for more.
It must feel good... like a back scratcher!

Who knew!


daisy gurl said...

Oh my! Such pitiful sounds coming from those piggies!

It is feeling like spring here as well, with daffodils popping up in the neighborhood. Our first spring in our new home, so exciting to see what will pop up next! Enjoy the awakening!

littlemancat said...

Happy Year of the Dog, Bev! I'm sure your four dog pals will remind you - ha,ha!
Love the bluebird house opening solution - I've seen a few bluebirds around here lately too. So pretty.
And the cat broom - too funny!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Boy, it didn't take long for your snow to disappear!

Missy George said...

Glad your fall was benign..It was a beautiful day...first time in awhile that Mollie hasn't had her coat on to walk..We didn't have much sun..Snow coming this weekend..Poor , spoiled piggies..goodness.Dear Moll...another farm chore..;) Enjoy your weekend


If only the animals could talk!! But then you did listen with the idea of the broom--I was sure you were going to tell us she was hiding or hunting a mouse!!
enjoy, di


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