Friday, February 2, 2018

From the Archive...

Hubbs has been spending some time cleaning out his home office drawers.
Fully in the swing of retirement, he is purging that which he will never need again.
He came across a folder of things that I had written for him over the years,
and suggested that I publish one of them here... on the blog.
So, here goes...

We all have our favorite artists...
Monet, Degas, Cezzanne, and oh, so many more.
The artists that stir my soul are the Ancients.
They have taken the names Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.
The land is their canvas,
and their palettes are as varied as their natures.

Spring draws her foundation with detail and precision,
then paints with a delicate touch in pale shades of watercolor pastel.
In time, she fills every space with soft strokes of animation.

Summer steps in with her bold and brightly saturated oils,
adding depth and vibrance to Spring's sketch.
She paints with enthusiasm, adding color on color until
she has filled the entire canvas with rapturous intensity.

Autumn arrives, almost un-noticed, with a pencil box of yellow, reds, and browns.
He slowly scrapes away the colors left behind by summer
and in their place leaves his crunchy hues of earthy warmth.

Winter sketches with grubby charcoal, ignoring detail.
He is a monochromatic minimalist
who hides behind his chalky tones of white and grey.
He leaves his canvas cold and stark, and the viewer longing
for more than he is willing to give.

Longing and longing...


Beverly Frankeny
August 29, 2012

Have the best and brightest weekend!
Ours will be brightened with a visit from Tyler.

May the Groundhog NOT see his shadow!!


Colleen said...

Your description of the seasons is just perfect.... what beautiful writing! You never cease to amaze me with all your talents.
Tell Tyler I said hi and to have an extra fun weekend. 🐝

jaz@octoberfarm said...

that is just beautiful...hope hubbs hung on to that! have fun with tyler this weekend! i posted my sourdough bread today.

janie said...

LOve it.. You should frame it with some of your pictures.
Enjoy, Janie

daisy gurl said...

A wonderful description of the seasons of life. Gorgeous photos.

Enjoy the weekend with your special helper.

Candice said...

Another one of your many talents. Beautifully written. Enjoy your weekend and the time with Tyler. Sorry about the Groundhog's prediction.

Kathy said...

You are an artist with words! Lovely! And sorry but....yaaay Phil!

Patsy said...

That was wonderful. Thank you. And the groundhog is seeing his shadow here.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Lovely! One of the things I did in January (my first month of retirement) was sort, purge and reorganize all my home files too. What a job! But it feels good to have it done!

littlemancat said...

Lovely, Bev.

Missy George said...

Beautiful Bev..i envy your talent..The groundhog has so many spotlights on him, he has to see his shadow..Enjoy your weekend..say Hi!!

Lynne said...

One very talented woman . . .


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