Every Old Goat Deserves His Day In The Sun

At this time of year,
after all this precipitation and mud...
we all deserve a day in the sun!

Yesterday was just that... 55 and sunny.
Everyone basked in the warmth.

It was a great day to catch up on extra chores.
The front pasture was finally navigable.
Prior to yesterday it would have been like driving in quicksand.
Now the pastures are all clean.

And so are the horses.
(but not the ponies, or the donkeys... not yet.)

All of the mud that Moonbeam had rolled in was finally dry.

With lots of peppermint treats as reward for standing still for so long,
I curried him, brushed him, clipped his bridle path, de-tangled his mane and tail.
Short of bathing him, I got as much of the dirt off of him as I could.

By the end, he looked pretty spiffy
(as long as you ignored his filthy hooves.)

Red and Ollie were next.

The same routine was done for both of them...
just on a smaller scale.

Ollie had to have his tail laundered... a little diarrhea had destroyed his lovely white tail.
Luckily it was warm enough for a little boy to run around with a wet tail.

These two little fellows grow amazing winter coats.
The hair on the bottom of their chins is about 4 inches long.
All of that will be gone come summer when these two are once again sleek and svelte.
(in a chubby sort of way)

Au revoir February...
you packed a lot of punch for a short month.
Here's hoping March is kinder and gentler.


Lynne said…
Looking spiffy and ready to “meet the green!”
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i bet all of the animals enjoyed yesterday. it was a perfect spring day. winnie slept on the patio in the sun all afternoon. we are expecting snow for friday.
Thanks for a glimpse of the Littles. I smile every time I see them.
This N That said…
Enjoy it while it lasts!! The horses look wonderful..If they are anything like Mollie, getting groomed means rolling around in the grass a bit. Have fun on this beautiful day..
diane in northern wis said…
Is March coming in like a lamb????? oh oh.