Monday, January 29, 2018

Weekend Moments

It was a productive weekend here on the farm.
We took our last hay delivery for the winter...

lovely green grass hay.

We now have plenty of hay stowed away and are ready to face
just about anything that Mother Nature might throw our way.

As you can see... hay bales represent a new playground for the dogs.

They had a blast chasing each other around the pile of hay

It seems that for the time being, the freezing cold has left us.
We enjoyed a sunny 55 degree afternoon on Saturday.
I took a trip to the feed store and stocked up on horse feed, duck feed, chicken feed and scratch.
This is what happens when the turkeys see themselves in the shiny bumper of the truck...

Rain moved in on Saturday night making Sunday grey and damp.

No matter the weather, though, life (and play) goes on!

It seems that Chester has become the consummate photo-bomber:

And last... a little glimpse into daily snack times...

Look who is quite comfortable with the pigs...

Those who love me know that my kryptonite is glazed donuts.
We are lucky(?) to have several Amish bakeries in the area that make the best glazed yeast donuts.
Fridays are donut day... and I usually always resist the temptation to take the
drive through the countryside to the bakery.
And so... when Friday rolled around again, I resisted... again.

And then the thought occurred to me...
"I should try to make my own donuts!!"
And so, with Hubb's help, on Sunday we made donuts.
We mixed up the yeast dough and put it in the refrigerator to rise.

Eight hours later I took it out, rolled it out and cut out 15 donuts (and donut holes).
I put them on a pan and covered them... letting them rise until they doubled in thickness.

Then we fried them in a cast iron pan in 375 degree oil...

Pulled them out, drained on paper towels... and dunked them into the glaze.

Can I just say.... I am truly in heaven!

They are fabulous.
Even Hubbs, who does not share my sweet tooth, agreed with me!
You can find the recipe here, if you are also a doughnut aficionado.

And... if by chance I don't make it back tomorrow...
I may have overdosed.
And I surely went with a smile on my face.


Karen Ann said...

oooh, those look fantastic! Delicious! Sinful! I love donuts too, and we have several mom & Pop type bakeries that make them fresh - I'm trying to lose a very stubborn 20 lbs and so I will not try to make these, although I'm tempted!!!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

uh oh.....haha! homemade donut making is deadly. when my kids lived at home i made them often. especially when they had friends over. they never had trouble getting their friends to visit them! i seem to remember the turkeys doing that same thing when you brought out your honey spinner or whatever that thing was?

daisy gurl said...

We were blessed with much rain yesterday as well. It's certainly been an interesting winter weather-wise.

Those donuts look scrumptious! I marvel at those without a sweet tooth. Wish I had that discipline!

Anonymous said...

i can only echo the donut comments above. Those donuts look soooo good, delicious!!!

Patsy said...

Those donuts do look good. Love Chester and he seems so happy to be living at Bee Haven. Thanks to you for taking him in.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Donut Heaven!

Candice said...

Ooooh, donuts are my weakness too! Our local grocery store has an awesome bakery and their sour cream old fashioned glazed donuts are to die for. My husband and I treat ourselves occasionally with just one each. Love how well Chester has adapted to your farm, he sure is a sweetie.

Missy George said...

Hay!!! Not good for bad backs..Hope you had some help..Wow..your doughnuts look wonderful..Hope you had some help with them as well ;)

diane in northern wis said...

Great pics today Bev. I especially like the look of those donuts! Every Friday is donut day for us so I understand your liking of this special treat. Your homemade ones look fabulous. Do you ship? Thanks for a great blog.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh you just crack me up, Beveryly. Overdose on donuts. That would be me also. Just loved this post. The Turkeys are so funny.
Donuts are my downfall, so not sure if I should attempt to make my own. Think that could get me into trouble around the waist.

Lynne said...

Not a doughnut gal but these look scrumptious . . .
Bet you are still smiling . . .!


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