Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Magic of Snow

There's nothing like a new snowfall to rejuvenate the farm.
We were beginning to look a little muddy and worn until yesterday's
light snow gave us a winter face-lift.

It snowed like a blizzard for a few hours in the morning, and then the sky cleared...
and the sun came out.
And just like that everything became lustrous and beautiful.

I was away from the farm for part of the morning and early afternoon...
and so I missed doing the chores.

On my arrival home, I headed out to visit with my friends.

Everyone was out enjoying the sunshine.

The horses were napping in the dry lot after having spent the morning out
playing in the snow.

Sometimes the light is perfect...

The sky was a beautiful blue...

like this handsome boy's eyes!

I sat on the ground while each of them took turns nuzzling me
and lining up for nose kisses.

My fair weather gals stayed inside their shed...
after all, the wind might muss up their thick, lush winter coats!

After leaving the barn, I headed up to visit with the goats

Everyone loves a sunny day!

And some just love to pose for a photo!

My last stop was the pig yard...
where treats were handed out, of course!

All totaled, it looks as though we only got about 2 to 3 inches of snow.
It won't be around for too long... especially with sunny afternoons
such as this.

We'll enjoy it while it is here!

Update on Chester... his surgery went well (neutering)
and he will be recuperating in the house for the next few days.
Boy, with this fellow have a bad case of cabin fever!

I mentioned a little over a week ago that I had started my own sourdough starter.
I followed the tutorial that I found by King Arthur's flour.
And while I wouldn't call this a fail.... I would say that it is progressing as slow as molasses in January.

At this stage of the game, I am having to feed it with a cup of organic flour twice daily.
Because it is progressing so slowly, I have decided to just order a starter from
King Arthur, so that I don't have to keep wasting flour.

As you can see, after it's last feeding 12 hours ago,it is barely rising.... 
and by this time it should double in 4 to 6 hours.

Perhaps this is something to try in the warmer months.
We keep our home a little chillier than sourdough might like.
I am officially scrapping this project...
and starting over... with help!

PS... Goodbye January.
It feels as though you just arrived...


Louise Stopford said...

Lovely wintery scenes - glad you and all the animals were able to enjoy. Personally I can't wait for Spring to arrive. There are snowdrops out already here, so perhaps it is not too far away after all. So glad Chester is OK - that's the worst over for him and he can get on with the important things in life once he has recovered at home.

daisy gurl said...

Ah yes. Since moving to NC, I've rediscovered the magic of snow. It is entrancing! The sun makes all the difference in getting out there to complete chores.

Best wishes with your new starter dough!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

it snowed all day yesterday. it was wonderful! i made sourdough bread yesterday that totally flopped. my house is 54 degrees so i think it is just too cold. i've had success and failure in the past so i am going to try again and see what happens!

Jessica said...

Oh! You should check out Carl's sourdough starter! I think it is still free with a SASE. That's how I got mine. "Carl Griffith's 1847 Oregon Trail Sourdough Starter" at carlsfriends dot net.

I have not started mine yet because our house is under construction still, but I do know of others who have gotten it and started it successfully.

Patsy said...

No snow here in central Illinois and you can keep it. Lol. Poor ittle Chester. But he will be happier with none of those urges.

Lynne said...

Loving your snow . .
Wish we would get more snow!

Kay Saylor said...

Try rye flour for your starter. For some reason it supercharges the rise. Whenever mine starts looking a little tepid I add some rye and it perks right up.

Moggie said...

Beautiful photos today, and glad to hear Chester is ok.

How are the runner ducks? I love those guys, and I'd never heard of them before. There is a horse on my IG with a white runner duck blaze on his face! They named him goose, but it looks like a RD to me :)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Some lovely animal portraits today!

Missy George said...

Lovely pictures..Perfect lighting..When the photographers are here they always want the 9-10 AM the fall..So glad that Chester is fine..sorry about your sourdough.
We had about an inch of snow topped with 2 inches of salt..good grief.Hard to believe that January is over..xxoo

diane in northern wis said...

I enjoy your updates Bev. Yes, that snow surely makes your house and grounds look beautiful and glistening. The animals don't seem to mind the snow too much, hmm? Glad to hear that Chester is recovering and that should keep you busy indoors? Sorry about your starter, but I think you're right about the temperature inside the house affecting the sourdough starter. You'll probably see a big difference if you try that in the warmer months. It'll be fun to see how things go with the King Arthur starter!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

those eggs look so good! i have my hopefully successful sourdough doing it's last rise right now. i'll let you know if it works!


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