Friday, December 29, 2017

Staying Warm

The littlest bit of snow remains on the ground... with more coming this weekend.
Temperatures are frigid.

There's only one thing to do when it gets this cold:


The horses love their pasture time, and with this cold, cold weather,
their time out is extended.
It's hard to put on weight when you are burning calories just to stay warm!
Luckily, all of our equines are good at growing fluffy winter coats, too.

Luckily with the extended warm weather that we had this past autumn,
our pastures are in pretty good shape...plenty of grass left for hungry munchers.

We spent a quiet day indoors... the fireplace keeping us toasty.

I have a confession.
I took down the Christmas trees.
I know it's a little early... but the needles were falling like a summer rainstorm.
I was afraid I would awaken to a completely naked tree one of these mornings.

For some reason the trees we cut this year did not retain their needles.

And so... I bid the Christmas decorations a fond farewell and packed them away for next year.
It feels especially good to do a little deep cleaning and de-cluttering.
Now I feel like I am ready to face a new year with a clean slate!

Also... instead of having to stow decorations this weekend while it is snowing,
I will be able to go outside and play in the snow instead!


Louise Stopford said...

I took my Christmas tree and decorations down yesterday!!!! I like the feeling of getting back to normal. Hope you are all keeping warm and enjoy the snow. We have had a splattering this morning but it has all now turned mushy, wet and miserable.

daisy gurl said...

I have the itch to take everything down too. Must be something in the air.

Have a fabulous weekend in the snow!


Ahh--I think you just want to play--
the one good thing about artificial trees--they don't dry out and lose their needles(here in the south the price of real trees is way way too high!!)
Love all your posts and all the photos and I read every one--even though I don't comment alot-best to you and hubby and all gang--in 2018--
enjoy the moments, di

Missy George said...

I took my decorations down this morning..Wanted to get the outside ones inside before they had snow on them...We all need to grow thick winter coats these days for sure.Brrr.At least, so far, it hasn't been windy..Have fun playing in the snow..

diane in northern wis said...

Happy New Year to you and your gang out there on the farm. I sure enjoy your blog throughout the weeks of the year. I know what you mean by's soooooo cold here and we're supposed to have that for another week! Glad you take such good care of all your animals there. Our Xmas tree and lights and decorations will be up for another week or two...until after Epiphany. Enjoy your oncoming snow and hope things will warm up for you and everybody! Thanks again for a great blog.

diane in northern wis said...

Happiest of New Years to You and Yours Bev. Love your pictures as that video of the wonder dog coming easily into the house leading others with him. Thanks for your blog....something I so look forward to every day of every week, excluding weekends of course. Stay warm and give everybody my best at your place. Happy 2018 to all.


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