Thursday, December 14, 2017

It's Winter Parka Time

Ole Man Winter blew in yesterday
with winds whistling and temperatures plummeting.
The pond is half frozen already!
And... by the time you read this, we may have had snow....1 to 3 inches predicted.

I pointed to the calendar and tried to remind him that we still have a week of autumn
to enjoy... but he was not to be intimidated!

Luckily, when Chester joined the pack last week,
I ordered him a winter parka in anticipation of just this.
As you can see, it has not slowed him down one bit!
His parka is just a little long... anticipating that he still has some growing to do.

Besides being snug and warm,
there is no misplacing this fellow.

He sticks out like a crossing guard on a busy city street!

I am not one for dressing my dogs, but with two senior hounds (Sam and Oakley),
a young lady that doesn't have a lick of fat on her anywhere (Annie),
and a puppy who is using all of his energy to grow (Chester)...
winter coats are a must!
They don't wear them for short visits outdoors - but when we are out for hours doing chores,
a little insulation keeps them from shivering.
It's important to remember that not all dogs are designed for winter weather.

My favorite dog parkas are made by WeatherBeeta.
They are weather-proof and insulated and are very similar to the horse blankets that
are made by the same company.

When we aren't outside, you can find our canine companions occupying
every available surface of our living room furniture...
in front of a roaring fire.

It's no wonder I never sit down....there is never any available seating!

Although I continue to think of more cookie ideas,
I took a break from baking yesterday and knit Easton his Christmas stocking.

I had seen a photo of a wreath that I wanted to make,
(I found all the makings at 50% off!)
so I put this together as well...

I think I will keep it hanging somewhere 
even after the Christmas decorations are safely stowed away.
For now it hangs on our loft banister.

And if you are wondering what is written on the beam 
on the lower left-hand side of the picture...

this is written on the main beam through the house just as you enter the dining room.

And so, to you...
you may have stopped by the farm as a guest...
but now you are a welcome friend!


Louise Stopford said...

Gosh it does look cold on your side of the world. Love the coats the dogs have ... Chester looks adorable in his. Your roaring fire looks so inviting and cosy, no wonder you can't get a seat near it. You have an amazing home, so beautiful - thanks for sharing it with us.

daisy gurl said...

So glad your pups are ready for the weather. Our neighbor across the street has a short-haired dog that never gets to go inside. Bless his heart.

Any suggestions for cold-weather gear for 2-legged folks? I have one heavy jacket and it makes me feel like Randy from "A Christmas Story".

Beautiful stocking and wreath. You certainly stay busy!

Enjoy this last very brisk week of fall!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Lovely wreath!

Patsy said...

I really like that new wreath. I think of you and hubs as friends too.

Beverly Frankeny said...


Missy George said...

Chester will always be visible in his new parka...Easton's' stocking is very cute..I knew you would zip right through that little task.Beautiful wreath which will look nice all winter..Stay warm!! Beautiful day..

diane in northern wis said...

So nice to see all your dogs wrapped up in those cozy coats. You are always thinking of everybody and every creature's comfort. How charming your home your new wreath and I love the writing on your beam. Love that new Christmas Stocking for the little one, too. May every day between now and Christmas be a joy for you and your family!


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