Friday, December 1, 2017


It seems a little surreal that we have entered into December already.
The holidays are right around the corner and I couldn't be more excited!

It's during this time of year that I am filled with nostalgia...
so many memories of holidays of the past...
and the anticipation of holidays of the future...
all woven together in the sweet, wonderful present.

I must admit...
there has never been a Christmas Eve that I haven't fallen asleep 
listening for the sound of sleigh bells!

Life on the farm has taught me to embrace each and every season for what it brings.
I have learned to love winter time...
its monochromatic backdrop perfect for the quiet meditation
of short days and long evenings.

I am grateful for all of winter's accompaniments...
cold cheeks,
warm socks,
hot chocolate,
naked trees that have been dipped in icy glaze,
the quiet of a grey day,
roaring fires and comfy sofas shared with canine and feline companions,
time enough to start and finish projects...
so much to quietly enjoy!

It might surprise you to know that I love to be outside in the winter.
I truly don't mind the cold...
in fact, I welcome it.
Knowing how to dress properly for the conditions makes all the difference in the world.
I love to be just slightly chilly as I work... not cold, but not warm.
The cold makes me feel truly alive!

The sun is setting...
come along with me as I do a few late afternoon chores...

Today I will be finishing a little outdoor decorating project.
Hubbs and I cut out these snowmen.
I gave them (button) eyes, nose, mouth and buttons.
Today I will finish sewing their fleece stocking caps and scarves,
and then they will be attached to a few of our fence posts.
I'll share the finished project on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend.
I hope to share a part of mine with our Littles (two-legged).


Colleen said...

Happy December!! I hate to focus on just one thing about your posts as I love it all...
You look so cozy on the couch with the dogs and I love your snowman project. Will be fun to see how you decorate wirh them.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love your snowmen!

daisy gurl said...

Exquisitely written! I am looking forward to experiencing a full winter season here, as we moved last December 31st.

Love your snowmen! There is always something to do on a farm. I so envy your daily routine.
Enjoy the weekend with the wee ones!

littlemancat said...

I used to dread winter,still not crazy about the loss of light but as I get older(!), I find I accept it more easily. There's something to appreciate if you just look. As you do.
Love the dog pile, the video, snowmen too!

Missy George said...

Happy December..Mollie and I are enjoying the cool..She's a totally different dog..lot's of energy and spunk..We took a longer than usual walk this afternoon after I put up my few decorations..Probably took about 15 minutes (outside)..I haven't tackled the inside yet..Maybe this weekend..Love your snowmen..They will look great against your fence posts...Such an imagination you have..and talent to match..Enjoy your weekend..Hope you hear those sleigh bells this year..;)

Jan B said...

You have a lot of chickens! What do you do with all the eggs everyday? Do the guinea hens lay eggs you can use too? egg-salient question yes?

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Happy December, dear Beverly.
You look so content curling up with your dear companions..
I have to say, I just love those Donkey's! They have such sweet faces.
Your home looks so festive, and your snowmen are so sweet!

An American in Tokyo said...

So cute!
I love the sound that chickens make (but not so sure about the rooster's crows!).

Star said, "Where is my ritz?!" Ha ha!!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful farm with us!!


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