Monday, November 6, 2017

When Kids Come Home

It's late Sunday afternoon on this,
my favorite day of the year.

And like we do every year on this day,
we got up at sun-up and tended to morning chores.
Upon our return home, we then turned the clocks back an hour....
and magically I gained a whole hour in my day.
(Oh, how I wish I could do this every day!)

As I sit and write, the last load of towels and sheets from the weekend
are finishing drying.
The running dryer and the leftovers-stocked refrigerator are the only 
telltale signs that 12 young adults spent the weekend here at the farm...
a short retreat from their busy lives of jobs, home construction, med school, fellowships,
working on PHD's, flying helicopters ... all of the things that fill their busy young lives.

Aside from cooking large quantities of food on Friday,
there was next to nothing for me to do.
It is a joy to have totally self-sufficient adult children.
Amazingly, the house was cleaner when they left than before they arrived!

They chatted... catching up on all the busy-ness of each other's lives.
They played and hiked and visited with the animals and ate and laughed...
sharing ghost stories, tales,  and memories from their college days.

The house is quiet once again and I am busy working on a rug from our sheep's wool,
while Hubbs is studying his course on small engine repair.
Outside, the weather has returned to rain... 
adding more moisture to the already soggy ground.

We had an unexpected escape this morning.
I had opened the door to the guinea house... allowing the youngsters access to their yard.

Then I either forgot to close the gate behind me, or forgot to latch it...
because 20 crazy, young guineas ran out to join their 2 adult friends
(who, I might add, have been eagerly awaiting "freedom day").

Freedom day came a little premature and a squawking mess of guineas 
went running down the farm driveway.

"Should we try to round them up?" Amanda, who was helping with morning chores, asked.

"Nah," I answered, "we'll never catch them."  And I headed back into the barn to continue with chores.

Two minutes later I look out of the back of the barn to see Amanda walking up the lane
with a group of young guineas in front of her.

She walked them towards their yard...
and just like that they all went back inside.
(you might notice the ugly dumpster... the end of our barn-cleaning.... it should be leaving today)

The squawking continued as if they all had an exciting tale to share.
I imagined most of them whispering to each other...
"I wasn't really ready to leave home yet, were you?"
"No.... it's sure good to be back!"

One of these days, my little guineas....
one of these days very soon the door will open on purpose...
and that big world will be yours!
Maybe you'll consider coming home each night, however.

Anyone want to place any bets?


Louise Stopford said...

Amanda must be the "Guinea Whisperer" - bet you didn't know she had a hidden talent. Hope all those guys stay near home when it's "Freedom Day" - If they know what's good for them they will. Glad you had a good weekend - always sounds like so much fun around your place.

Lynne said...

What a wonderful B&B time for “the kids” . . .
With a bit of “round up” action happening too ...

Missy George said...

Amanda, the Gulnea whisperer... sounds like a great weekend.

daisy gurl said...

How wonderful to have a house full of young energy. Glad you enjoyed your visit with the young folk.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Run, guineas, run!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

it looks like the kids had a blast. this is now my favorite thing to do....have my kids and their significant others and friends here for dinner.

diane in northern wis said...

Aww I love the story of the guineas and Amanda's magic touch to entice them all back into their pen! Every story you tell is so wonderful! So out of the dozen young people how many of them are your children? And are the rest friends? spouses? I would guess that people always have a wonderful time at your farm. It would always be a joy to come back for a visit or longer stay. Glad it was such a good weekend!

mommar6 said...

I really enjoyed reading that. I️ know life can be busy sometimes but your weekend sounds perfect. Your writing makes me feel like am watching it unfold


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