Monday, November 13, 2017

Weekend Fun

Aside from a trip to Philadelphia on Saturday for dinner 
with Amanda and Tim...
and the requisite visit to the Italian market to stock up on some artisanal cheeses,
Italian olive oil, olives and pasta... 
(and a few outrageous pastries may have followed us home as well!)
the rest of the weekend was quiet.

 It gave us the opportunity to enjoy the peace of an autumn day before
winter moves in for good!

We started our annual boundary walk to make sure we have enough 
"No Trespassing" signs visible
before hunting season begins.

We have a sizable deer population who use our woods as a safe haven from 
the guns and arrows of hunters...
and we like to keep it that way.

I prefer to hunt deer with a camera!

Any excuse for a hike in the woods is fine with the dogs.

This time we left Oakley at home.
Long hikes are hard on him.
He enjoys running in the woods, but pays the price the next day...
limping with arthritis.
He gets just enough exercise accompanying us when we do the chores
throughout the day.

Sam has completely recovered from his cruciate ligament tear and
can keep up on hikes with no difficulty, and no reverting to a three legged run.
He is a much happier dog now that he has no limitations.

On our way back home from the woods,
we heard quite a clatter in the area of the front pasture.

Expecting to see the guineas there, we headed down the road to take a look.

What is on the hill across the street??
The pigs were enjoying the afternoon sun,
as were the sheep.

The guineas however were across the street, climbing the steep embankment into the woods.
This was the farthest they had ventured from their home to this point.
I wondered if we would get them back for night time.

By the time late afternoon came, they were once again in the front pasture...
so I herded them back to the safety of their house for the night.

So far so good... they've spent every night safely closed up.
I am hoping that maybe they will learn to return there themselves some day...
but maybe that is just wishful thinking!


daisy gurl said...

What a scenic view of the farm. Looks like a beautiful autumn day. So glad that Sam has recovered so well. Thank you for giving the deer a safe place to hang out. Bless you.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

that's such good news about sammie! guineas are such characters!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Glad to hear that Sam is all recovered!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Beverly,
Your farm is such a beautiful sight for the eyes and my heart.
So good to know Sammie is doing better..


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