Friday, November 3, 2017

The Direct Approach

Over the past two years
I have come to the opinion that sheep are not the smartest of farm animals.
Lately, however, I've had to re-think that opinion.

Working with Faith and Hope was easier when Grace was alive.
It seemed that Gracie was a wise old soul...
and her girls depended upon her leadership.
All we had to do was lure Gracie to wherever we wanted her with Ritz crackers,
and the girls would follow suit.

Now... it's a different story.

Maintenance chores like worming and hoof trimming are a bit harder...
the hardest part is catching the girls.

It seems they are smarter than I had thought.
They have an innate sense when something is even the slightest bit out of the ordinary.
Without their mother to make their decisions for them...
they are much more wary.

For the past week we have been trying to round up the girls in order to administer
We installed this extra long gate in their pen weeks ago so that they would be used to its presence.

We have nonchalantly worked in their pen cleaning up...
while one of us stays outside trying to lure the gals to their front gate for Ritz.
The idea was...
after they were occupied with Ritz at the front gate,
the other person would quickly close the long gate on them...
trapping them into a triangular area.

We tried and tried... to no avail.
Now I am beginning to believe that the sheep are actually smarter than we humans!

Then yesterday I decided to just use the direct approach.
Both gals were inside their houses taking a nap, so I walked over to them with syringe in hand,
bent down at the front of their house,
gently took each one by the wool beneath her chin...
and squirted the medication into her mouth.

No muss.... no fuss.

No more trying to be tricky.
It looks like the direct approach is the best!

Latest project, off the needles...

I love to try a new technique with every knitting project,
and this one utilizes the Latvian Braid between the brim and the cap.
It's knit in a soft wool, the color is called Pansy Garden....
perfect name as each of the colors in it I can visualize as a pansy.

I also started another rug from my sheep's wool.
This past Spring's shearing was made into core-spun (thicker than a pencil)...
so it will be perfect in a rug!

Yesterday I finally admitted defeat in a weaving project that has been driving me crazy.
I was going to make a plaid alpaca scarf, but the yarn was just too fragile and kept breaking.
I was able to weave a mat before scrapping the rest of the project.

It would have been a beautiful scarf...but not worth the price of insanity!

One of the favorite rooms in our house is the loft above the living room.

It's a room that we use mostly in the fall and winter, 
as we spend more time indoors.

It's a peaceful place to read or knit...

and the perfect place to view autumn's spectacular sunsets.

And just like that we have come to another Friday.
Does it seem to you like Friday comes way too fast?
Or perhaps, for some, not fast enough!

Our weekend will be full... we have 10 houseguests for the weekend.
I'll be back on Monday if I survive!


Lynne said...

Loft Room looks perfect . . .
Direct approach for the med seemed to have worked best!
Some projects are best scratched . . . sanity is valuable!
Hope you enjoy the weekend and the ten guests . . .

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i love your loft room. that hat is too cute!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Hi Beverly,
I believe you are right about the girls. Maybe sheep are smarter than us.
I love your loft! It must be such a cozy and peaceful place to relax.
I can't wait to see that rug completed.. Beautiful wool.

Enjoy your weekend with all your guests..

Emma JO said...

Oh! that was a cool post.I like it.bloom tattoos

Missy George said...

I've always been in favor of the direct approach...When that fails, you have to use your imagination.Love your latest creations..Yes, that would have been a beautiful scarf..Pretty sunset!! Enjoy your weekend with the kids..

Kim said...

Maybe the fact that the sheep were in their safe place and half asleep did the trick. I have found that when I try to clip our cats' claws or give medicine that if they are half asleep and feel safe, the process is much easier. I love your loft space. The book case especially. Often, I see "designed" bookcases in pictures that have no books on them. How cozy is must be to be in that room with a fire and relax, even nap. Have a good weekend.

diane in northern wis said...

Oh Bev, your ten houseguests are so lucky. I just love your house including the loft room you just showed us. You are a great decorator and I love the comfyness and beautiful touches in your home. Every time you show us a room I go ..."Ohhh gee I'd love to live there!" Glad you got the sheep girls taken care of. I often wonder how they can see out of all that wool! Have a terrif weekend and see you on Monday. We're off to a Confirmation about 4 hours away tomorrow and getting snow tonight and tomorrow. Hoping it won't be toooo slippery around here. All the best to you and Hubbs and your lucky guests!


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