Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Our Puddles Have Puddles!

Another rainy day on the farm,
and the puddles have puddles,
and the dry lot is... not.

It rained so much yesterday morning that even the horses were unenthusiastic about 
venturing out from the cover of the barn.

Moonbeam spent much of the day perfecting the art of the nap.
Eyes, slightly open... but no one is home.
He is meditating... in his mind he is grazing in some green meadow somewhere...else.

Despite the clouds' constant weeping...
we seized the day and did some outside work.
Hubbs helped me dig up cannas... a task made easier by the soft, moist soil.

Where months ago I planted maybe ten...

there now were at least five times that many.

Next year we will have many cannas to plant...
and those will reproduce exponentially every year...
until I have so many cannas that I will be giving them away!

I also dug up the dahlias and gladiolas from the same garden.
All of the bulbs will rest in the greenhouse for a day or two
until they are dry enough to pack away in the dark, dry barn closet.
This closet contains the hot water heater so it maintains a pretty steady temperature through the 
cold winter months... a perfect place to store these bulbs 'til next spring.

Hubbs spent a little time gathering up the solar fly traps and cleaning
this year's catch from them to add to the compost pile.

There were hundreds of thousands of flies caught.

We love these flycatchers.
They require a little maintenance... to keep them filled with smelly bait,
but they do a most excellent job of catching flies.
We have about ten of them spread all over the farm.
If you are interested, there is a link on the righthand sidebar of this blog.
(And this review is completely unsolicited!)

I keep forgetting to share this picture with you.
Hubbs did a little work to replace some softening boards on the pirate ship 
and then gave it a fresh coat of paint.

I added new flags... 
and she's ready to set sail through waters teeming with sharks and whales...
to islands with mermaids and dragons and hidden treasure!


molliemax said...

We just had steady sprinkles of rain. hubs had the worst job..yuck.. if fly traps smell anything like Japanese beetle traps ...OMG
The pirate ship looks wonderful. Love the flag. More rain this afternoon then we are done for a while. Xxoo

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Cleaning the flycatchers -- gawd, that looks like a dirty job! And yet, your husband is smiling in the photo? I sure as hell wouldn't be.

daisy gurl said...

Hubbs gets all the good jobs, eh? Does he want to go back to work yet? ;0D

That pirate ship might come in handy if y'all get anymore rain!

Oh Moonbeam, you've got the right idea.

janie said...

Your pirate ship looks awesome. We have the same ship. Could you please send your hubby to work on ours. She needs some TLC. lol

Ours has been forgotten, now that the kids are older.

Enjoy, Janie


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