Heading Towards December...

Can you believe how quickly we are heading into December?
It seems like just yesterday I was planting seeds and weeding garden boxes.
Now the boxes are asleep beneath a layer of compost...
patiently awaiting a spring rebirth.
Days are getting shorter and shorter.

It's unseasonably warm here this week, with afternoon temps in the 50's.
If this continues there will be no hope for a white Christmas.
I will keep my fingers crossed, however!

Who would think after his cruciate ligament tear a few months back,
that Sammie would end up being the healthiest dog on the farm?

Sadly, Annie and Oakley are having health issues and are presently both on 
house arrest.

Annie has a painful growth on her front left elbow.
We are treating her with anti-inflammatories and antibiotics...
to no avail.
She has an appointment for an x-ray on Friday.

Oakley gave us a scare on Sunday.
He lost control in his back legs and was unable to walk.
After a few doses of prednisone he is once again walking.
Prednisone has its side effects and we are trying to decrease his dosage,
but I fear he will remain on this medication for the rest of his life.
Oakley has lymphoma (we've known this for months) that has
most likely metastasized to his central nervous system.
His time is limited... so we are concentrating on making him feel loved
for as long as we have him with us.

The farrier came yesterday.
Now, not only do the horses and donkeys have prize-winning smiles...
but they also have lovely pedicures as well...
all spiffed up for the holidays!

Everyone was on their best behavior.
(I'm a very proud mama!)

Red and Ollie are sporting their new halters.
Please don't tell Ollie that his is pink... he'd never forgive me!
My choices were red or pink...and of course Red gets red.
Ollie... well, let's just say he deserves pink!

I spent the remainder of yesterday working on holiday decorating.

The upstairs guest room is finished....

the normal quilt replaced with a Christmas quilt.


Colleen said…
So sorry to hear about Annie and Oakley 😢.onyx, our aging black lab is also having health issues so I know exactly how you feel.
Your guest room sure looks inviting.
Louise Stopford said…
Sad to hear that Annie and Oakley are not too well at the moment. Hopefully things will improve. Annie is the youngster of the pack and I am sure she will be running around (chasing the horses/ponies) soon. I know that you will give Oakley all the love in the world ... he knows how much you love him. Old dogs break your heart ... give him extra special hugs and kisses. Your guest bedroom looks so beautiful and comfortable. I feel as if I could collapse in that gorgeous bed now. Your festive touches are amazing.
Good old Sammie! I hope the other dogs feel better soon too.
Hopefully Annie can be helped quickly and poor dear Oakley. A good spirit and hopefully he will be with you for awhile. We are blessed to have our animals as long as we do. A true gift from God.
Junebug said…
Give Oakley and Annie an extra hug. Happy to hear Sammie is doing good. December, already??? I'm so far behind, but love all your Christmas decor!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
poor oakly and annie! i hope they feel better soon! i love your guest room!