Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Day of Contrasts

Yesterday was a day of contrasts.

The morning started out brisk...
the thermometer hovering just below freezing.
By afternoon we reached almost 60 degrees...
and the sheep were not enthused.

When you are wearing a sub-zero rated wool overcoat,
it's hard to tolerate 59 degree weather!
And so they spent the afternoon expending as little energy as possible.

The pigs were happy.

That's the thing about pigs... they are pretty much happy no matter what..
as long as plenty of food is involved.

With milder temperatures, abundant green grass remains available...
making the horses quite happy.

They don't seem to mind whether the temperature is 31 or 59...
food consumes their every thought!

As for these two loves... the warmer, the better.
Oh, how they have stolen my heart!

We took a gator ride over to the hundred acre wood to look for signs of hunters.

A good sign was the fact that all of our game cameras were still intact.
(We lost one last hunting season... a hunter had sliced through the strap with his hunting knife
and absconded with the [evidence] camera... the nerve.)

The woods were eerily silent.
No bird songs.
No wind in the trees.  No rustle of leaves.

Contrast that silence with this... 
our raucous guineas shedding their last bits of energy before retiring for the night.
This is their pre-sunset ritual.
It's a noisy one!

My seasonal decorating continues.
Yesterday I put my efforts into the dining room table.

When it comes to seasonal decor... I do what makes me happy.
I combine things that I have on hand with decorations from previous years and try to come up with something new each year.
This year I used my collection of ironstone pitchers with greens, snowflakes and candles.
It's cozy and homey.
Like me.

PS:  Au revoir, November.


Louise Stopford said...

Thanks for the video .. it was great. Your home seasonal decorating is wonderful and your home does look warm and cosy. Tomorrow we go flying into December (already, can you believe it?).

jaz@octoberfarm said...

everything looks wonderful. i don't think i will be doing much decorating this year.

daisy gurl said...

Oh, those donkeys are so sweet. I wish I could have reached in and given them a good scratch. The guineas are as noisy as peacocks! What a racket!

Your home looks lovely and inviting. I love simple embellishments best.

Anonymous said...

LOVE that tablescape! TerriC

Moggie said...

Love your decorations in the dining room, and the guest room looks so inviting. I'm sure your lucky guests never want to leave such a peaceful home.

Missy George said...

The last few days have been gorgeous..It would have been a good time to put up my outside decorations..Of course I didn't..Busy week..Your Christmas Decor looks pretty..Love the pitchers, snowflakes and greens..nice touch...Cozy and Homey for sure..Mollie enjoyed the noisy sunset video..

diane in northern wis said...

Love your decorating's just beautiful and always unique!


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