Helmets and Wattles

Only two adult guineas remain from our last flock.
These two are several years old now.

I am guessing that they are both males.

Males have very large helmets and wattles (on the sides of their face).

Males also do not make the "buck-wheat" call that females make.
Neither of the old guineas make that sound.

They are quite eager for the young guineas to gain their freedom.

This will happen in another month or so.
At that point they will be free to roam around the farm eating ticks and insects as
they please.

The youngsters are just beginning to grow their helmets.
You can just see their heads beginning to show a slight hump on top.
Notice the large wattles on the youngster on the right... he's likely a male as well.

Guineas lay eggs with shells as hard as ceramic.
Unfortunately they lay them in the strangest places...
making them hard to find.
The eggs are edible just like chicken eggs... if you can find them.
The trouble is... by the time you find a clutch of eggs hidden in some obscure location...
they are of unknown age... making them inedible.

I spent a little time harvesting the remains of the garden yesterday,
as nighttime temperatures will be dipping back down in the 30's.

Fall broccoli is ready...

so last evening I made a pot of cream of broccoli soup and this delicious
olive/rosemary loaf.

(You can find the directions here... it is simple and foolproof!)

Just off the needles:

And, last but not least:
Hubbs did a little more drone footage, if you are interested in another view...
(click on the square in the lower right hand corner for a full screen view.)


Moggie said…
Love the bird's eye view of the farm, what a lovely place. Is anything inside the old log cabin? Did you ever find anything that could be attributed to whoever lived there so long ago? I think it's fascinating to be around something that has such a history, and to wonder who lived there.
kcchick said…
Love the drone pictures, enjoy your blog everyday!!!! But you forgot the most important car that travels your road everyday, but Sunday!!!!! The maillady!!!!!LOL
daisy g said…
You've certainly been blessed with abundance in the garden. That broccoli looks yummy.

Thank Hubbs for the drone tour. It is so wonderful to be able to get the full picture of the farm. You are truly blessed.
Sally said…
Really enjoyed both drone movies. I've often tried to picture the layout of your property in my head. I was way off! This will make it easier to picture!
Between the bread and the soup, I bet your house smells amazing!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
your bread came out great. it must have been so good with that soup! i love the drone tours!
An American in Tokyo said…
I like the drone video!!
I feel like I'm riding on a bee around the farm!! hee hee!!

Your garden still had lots of veggies leftover!
The bread looks delicious!
diane in northern wis said…
Wow ...another wonderful video of your place. I just love it. You have a lot of land and everything is spread out so nicely. How wonderful that your road is a quiet one. Such a beautiful place, Bev. You and Hubbs are greatly blessed. Thank you so much for sharing your delightful home with us.