For Love, For Diets, Forever!

2017 has been the year of the diet.
Thankfully, not for us humans.
No, if you have been with us for the year you will remember that
dear Daphne and Chloe were starting to get a little portly.

Daphne has a different body type than her half sister Chloe.
Like her mother before her, Daphne carries her weight in her belly... no matter what size she is.
Chloe, on the other hand always looks svelte.

What had concerned me earlier this year was the fact that they had both built up
considerable neck rolls... a roll of fat that lies at the crest of their necks.

Sicilian donkeys such as these two are meant to graze on dry, scrubby land...
not the rich, lush grass that grows here in Pennsylvania.
And so, miniature donkeys put on weight quite easily in this terrain.

Something had to be done to prevent these two gals from developing a deadly
problem with obesity.

So... we purchased grazing muzzles and started using them every time the girls went out to pasture.
They are quite used to wearing them and are never disagreeable about them...
realizing that the muzzles are their ticket out the gate of their dry lot.

And though their neck rolls are still visible, they are much less prominent...
slowly disappearing with the passing of time.

Dieting will be a way of life for these two.
At this point, they are used to the routine.

You might notice in the picture above that Chloe is not wearing her fly mask.
This seems to be where she draws the line.
She'll wear the grazing muzzle.
But the fly mask?  Well.... it hides her beautiful eyes... so she wants no part of it.
Not even for a treat!!

We are continuing to soak all of their hay before feeding it to them.
That way they can still eat the same amount....but without all of the soluble carbohydrate calories.

These two hold a special place in my heart.
They will be with me until the very end... 
likely outliving all of our other farm friends.
With a lifespan of 40 to 50 years,
they may just outlive me.

Ok, so you asked for a little history on Hubbs and I.
The best way to sum us up is this...

Sometimes the person you were meant to spend your life with
comes along a little later than you'd like.
Hubbs and I met about 25 years ago... in the medical field... in orthopedics.
15 years ago, we realized that we had no choice but to spend the rest of our lives together.
Life without each other was not an option.

We were lucky that our two families meshed perfectly.
Between us we have 4 children (2 each) who are all close.
We have shared a lifetime of love and adventure in the past 15 years, 
and look forward to each day that lies ahead of us.


Louise Stopford said…
Beautiful photo of you and your husband. You looked so happy then and so very happy now. I think in this lifetime you have to be as happy as you can be.
Colleen said…
It's always fun hearing a bit of history. Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for sharing your story and wedding picture!
daisy g said…
Aren't y'all the sweetest things. What a great wedding photo, and a wonderful story. I'm a late bloomer too, have no fear.

Your donkeys are so adorable. Glad they landed on your farm. What a life.

Enjoy your day!
Thank you for sharing this.
Junebug said…
Love the little history lesson. Still would love to have a pair of mini! Love the pic of all the tails smuggling you!
Dee J. Hartman said…
I enjoy your talents revealed in your blogs!!! the way, can I have a chance as a late bloomer of 73? LOL The changes at my age are overwhelming and scary...It takes a lot of work and energy, which I'm not sure I have! LOL
Kathy said…
Very sweet of you to share that personal bit of info and you look so beautiful in your wedding picture.....and Hubbs.....very handsome!! Love his tee shirt, also!
Lynne said…
Beautiful/handsome . . .
Fun hearing some history . . .
This N That said…
The girls look good..Hope you had a wonderful Anniversary to celebrate your wonderful life together!!
An American in Tokyo said…
Lovely photo of the two of you!!
I'm hoping I meet my guy soon and end up as happy as you two!! ;)
diane in northern wis said…
Aww love your pictures and your stories today. I especially love the photo at the end of you and Hubbs! What a beautiful couple you are. I had no idea you had been together for such a short time, although I guess you've known each other for 25 years? I'm so glad I found your great blog with all your wonderful tales from the farm. Thanks Bev and Hubbs!!!
nuri said…
"Better late(r) than never" is what I think after reading about your love story, and I wish you decades of continued happiness! Such a wonderfully perfect match - just warms the heart!