A Meeting Of The Birdbrains

It's early morning and I've called a meeting of the Bird Brains.
We needed to talk about future plans.
With new guineas growing up, we needed to discuss housing arrangements for the future.

The Muscovies were "on the fence" about it...

I told them they didn't have a leg to stand on.

The Nellies wanted to table the discussion...

The chickens were too busy eating to talk,
and gave me the fluffy butt salute.

The only audience I could get was with the turkeys.

We discussed the fact that they would need to be making a move in the near future.
Their present home in the coop behind the barn will become the new home
for the guinea babes.

All of our past flocks of guineas have attended Birdbrain U. in an attempt to teach
them the survival skills needed for life on the farm.
This flock will be test subjects for a new learning model...
which hopefully will prepare these new students for a long, productive future on the farm.

I stopped to talk to Tom since he is the oldest and wisest.

I assured him that he would get used to life in his new house up by the chicken coops.
He wasn't sure how all of this would work.
After all, (he made his case)... he considers his help each morning at the barn
to be invaluable.
Knowing that we humans could never stay on task without his supervision.

I assure him that he was welcome to join us at the barn every morning...
as he has for so many years.
He would just need to make the mowing trek down from the chicken yards.

I also assured him that he could continue to chase the gator each morning as we continued 
on with our chores.

He was satisfied with that plan.
I reassured him that we could never get by without his help,
as I rubbed his head and shoulders.

(He's been much more affectionate lately for some strange reason.)
As you can see, he is getting quite old...
and like many of us is growing strange things on his body that he never used to have!

I believe he is growing what is called a cutaneous horn on his wattle.
It can be benign or malignant.
Because Tom is old and has lived a good life, we will just watch this growth
and hope for the best.

It doesn't seem to bother him in the least....so I would not want to put him through
having it removed at his age.

The Nellies are quite happy with their life at the barn....
spending their days in search of insect treats around the gardens.
They have added another layer of fun and interest to the barn area...
their antics keeping us amused as we go about our chores.

As for Sammy and his cruciate tear...
I am happy to report that some days he barely limps.
He seems to be doing just fine without having the surgery.
We are hopeful that he will continue improving with the passing of time.

Every once in a while I get a comment as to how good things look around the farm.
So, I thought it was time to get a little "real"...
and show you that I am no different than anyone else...
there are things that get neglected from time to time.
Remember that lovely little pumpkin/corn patch that I made two years ago?
Well, here it is this year....

What a lovely gate that patch of weeds has... don't you agree???
Let's just say that one of my plans for this spring got pushed to the back burner.
There's always next year, right?

The JR asked about fly trap bait.
We usually buy our bait from Arbico....mixed with water....PeeeeeUuuuuu stinky!
However, they did inform me that beer mixed with raw egg will have the same effect.
I have also read that rotting shrimp in water will work....hmmmm.
Hope that helps!


The JR said…
Okay, yes those sound stinky. I used a fish head one time. It caught a bunch of flies.

Junebug said…
Ha, ha love the weed patch! I feel so much better when I look at one of my garden area that got out of hand! I'm off to water since we are expecting 100+ weather today, crazy! Enjoy!
nuri said…
Never knew that a meeting of birdbrains could be so entertaining :)! Fluffy Butt Salute - too cute, and your Fluffybutties do look so very pretty, healthy and happy. And I'm happy to read about Sammy's improvement - go Sammy (carefully!)!
This N That said…
Isn't Tom just going back to where he used to live?? I'm glad he was agreeable..It's hard to adjust to new things as one gets older.Glad Sammy is doing better. Your pumpkin patch looks so forlorn..Hope you are having a good day.