Beautiful Mornings

I am most definitely a morning person.
Rising early and heading out to see the critters is my favorite thing.

(Moll gives the best lower back massages!)

I'm not a coffee drinker... ( I am energized enough without caffeine)
I just wake up ready to go!

There is so much happening in the mornings.
As the sun rises, the donkeys start to bray.
The roosters crow.
The guineas fly down from their roosting spot.

The sheep and pigs are "baaaa-ing" and grunting, ready to go out to pasture.
The horses are pacing along the dry lot fence...
ready for their trek to the upper pastures.

The dogs run through the farmyard wrestling and chasing.

The garden glistens with dew.

The air is clear (quite often, of late, freshly washed from the previous night's storms).
The world is alive and abuzz... and I feel right at home!

For the past several days it has been quite chilly in the morning (in the 50's)...
unseasonably cool.
Everyone feels energized on these mornings...
especially the horses as they gallop off to graze in the upper most pasture.
I wanted to share this video with you... 
so you can see how happy a cool morning makes everyone...

Don't Red and Ollie look great?
They seem to be at the perfect weight...
which is no small feat with miniature horses who tend to get fat just breathing air!

By the way...our daffy Runner ducks are still hiding in their stall.
Every morning I open the stall door so that they are free to roam.
If they don't come outside by next week, I will be giving them a bit more encouragement.


Louise Stopford said…
Lovely to see how happy the horses are and how well they look. Looking forward to more pictures of the runners (ducks). Looks like they are going to take a bit more encouragement to come out into their big wide world - Bless. Hopefully this will mean that they will not stray far from their barn as they should know where their home is by now.

My mornings look a lot like yours, and I, too, am a morning person - always have been. By 9 at night I'm usually headed to bed with a book, which I read for about five minutes and fall asleep.

Most mornings I love my "job" out on the farm, feeding the animals, cleaning, breathing in the fresh air, getting exercise without having to walk on a treadmill in a gym. The only times I don't like it is during a snow storm or really cold morning when I'd rather sit at the kitchen table withe breakfast and enjoy the warmth.

I hear "Morning Has Broken" playing in the background!
Anonymous said…
wonderful video!!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
those are happy horses! they should be...they live in horse heaven! i'm afraid the cool mornings are over for a while.
Lynne said…
The LOVE of FREE . . .
Wonderful video . . .
An American in Tokyo said…
I am definitely NOT a morning person, but I would get up early just to see the horses run off like that!! So happy!! Ha ha!!
dojuma said…
Wow i like your beautiful blog leave alone the best photos.
can you sent me one.kudos.