Garden Tales

Come....sit with me on the bench beneath the wise old tree.
We'll sit and sip a cup of tea,
and listen to his tales of old...
full of adventures, big and bold.

We must be very quiet, though, as a wee fairy sleeps beneath his craggy trunk.

Fairyland is once again awakening.
As Spring spreads her magic sparkles across the land,
the ferns begin to unfold and the moss begins to hum.
There are flowers and greenery everywhere.
It's really quite magical!

 An old rusty wagon makes the perfect container for a little fairy garden.
A trip to the woods yielded moss and ferns.
A few tiny plants and flowers complete the landscape.

In preparing the wagon, I drilled holes in the bottom,
and covered the bottom with vinyl screen to keep the soil from washing through the holes.
Then I filled it half full with compost and topped it off with potting soil.
A layer of moss provides a thick green carpet on which to add the fairy details.
Tiny rocks make a footpath. 

Between animal chores, my days are spent gardening.
I am most happy when my fingers are in the soil....
and so I am planting, planting, planting!

I can hardly wait to share the garden progress with you in the coming weeks!

(Thank you Linda for gifting me this wonderful, wise old tree and the fairy gazebo!!)


Louise Stopford said…
And I can hardly wait to share your gardening adventures!! What a magical wise old tree and fairy gazebo - another piece of your beautiful handiwork to inspire us all (must look into making a "Fairy Garden).
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i love the tree! do you still have the other fairy garden? we planted all day yesterday too. i can't wait to see your gardens!
Colleen said…
The old wagon and the wise ole tree are the perfect match! What kind of plants are best for a fairy garden? I have tried a fairy garden a couple times with not much success 😣We have more snow coming tonight!! will be harvesting your garden before we even get ours planted! Have a fantastic weekend.
daisy g said…
No doubt the fairies will be quite content there. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful gardens.
Enjoy Earth Day tomorrow!
Deb said…
I look forward to visits in your garden.
The JR said…
A cute fairy garden. I have 2 small ones. I need to clean them up, replant and get them ready for summer.
What a charming fairyland spot!
Bee Haven Bev said…
Succulents work well as tiny flower like alysium, etc. Baby's tears, thyme, rosemary, hens and chicks....other things you just have to prune, prune, prune!!!
This N That said…
The tree is wonderful..great way to repurpose that "lil red wagon" !! Adorable
diane in northern wis said…
I just love your fairy garden Bev. When I first saw the picture of that tree....I thought it was huge!!! What sweet things you have in your old wagon....I love it all...and pansies....oh I love pansies....and succulents! Your blog is always so entertaining. Thanks for showing us fairyland. It's awesome.
Anonymous said…
Where did you buy the wise old tree
Suzan said…
Ohhh Goodness Gracious!!! Love your tree!!!!
Your pansies are still looking great!!!
Bee Haven Bev said…
Cathrin....the tree was a gift.