What To Do With a Tiny Triangular Space

When we designed our log home,
we tried to keep a similar footprint as the home that was previously there.

That home had a garage that was detached from the house
and at a 45 degree angle to the house.

Our log home incorporates that oddly shaped space that used to lie
between the house and garage...
and in this triangular space is our kitchen, pantry, laundry room,
and a small bathroom.

Our kitchen is an odd shape....sort of a trapezoid.
The pantry is a trapezoid.
The laundry room is a rectangle.
And the space left over that we turned into a bathroom is a triangle.

Try fitting a sink and toilet into a small triangle.
It's a bit of a challenge.
Not wanting to waste any precious space, we rose to the challenge
and had a cabinet and countertop custom built to fit into a triangular corner.

We had a small wall built across the top angle of the triangle
and placed the toilet there.

Did you really want to know everything there is to know about our tiny bathroom?
Probably not.
But, it serves as an introduction to explain why these photos show such a wonky space.

The reason for the photos?
This rug.

I just finished this rug from...
the last of the core spun wool from Grace, Hope and Faith....
a forever keepsake that will reside in our tiny bathroom.
And if you are just a little too short to see yourself in the mirror,
this rug is for you.... it's about 2 inches thick!
It should never wear out!
Thank you sheepy girls.... I can hardly wait to get this year's wool harvest.

I also had some alpaca wool that was spun into corespun.
Out of that I made this basket...

And a chair pad. (not for this rocker)

Last evening I finished this cowl...
from the softest merino wool.

It's an accessory that just might not be needed until next year.
You see, we are still having unseasonably warm weather.

It was in the 70's yesterday...
and today we are to have a repeat!
The grass is starting to turn green.
Yikes....weird February!


Louise Stopford said…
Your home is beautiful - everything looks just so perfect. I love your taste. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the warmer weather.
daisy g said…
What beautiful embellishments you are able to fashion for your home. Such wonderful gifts from your girls.
Enjoy the warmer weather. That garden renovation must be coming along quickly!
We will be starting seeds this weekend. Squee! I can hardly wait!
Colleen said…
That rug sure caught my eye!! Love seeing all your finished projects.
The JR said…
I love all the wood. We found the neatest place this weekend. He sells bird houses, bee supplies and lumber. Loved looking at all the piles of lumber he had. Mahogany, cherry, cypress.

Have a happy weekend.
WendyFromNY said…
You sure are talented! Love the creativity that went into the house! Enjoy the weather while you may!
Anonymous said…
I love the rug!!
How extra-special to have a rug made from your sheepy girls' wool!
susanep said…
Your house is beautiful love it! Also how neat is that rug made with wool from your sheep, we have a few sheep and I really would like to start doing something with our wool.
Junebug said…
Oh my, love that rug! I sure could use a 2 inch rug everywhere in my house. I might be height challenged? Here's to a wonderful weekend!
Hi Beverly,
I love your triangular bathroom! That rug. Thank you Grace, Hope and Faith. How wonderful to be able to make something from your dear sheep. What a great job you have done, and I really like the basket.
Wishing you a beautiful weekend.
This N That said…
I don't remember there being a garage !! Funny...Love that little basket..Wouldn't that make a nice kitty bed?? Your rug looks great there..Nice job. Your house is perfect..I think you though of just about everything..xxoo
Rita B Caldwell said…
Your home is lovely and I love log homes! Would you share the patterns for the rugs and basket with us? I love the cowl and made them for myself all winter but not from wool from the farm (since we have nothing that produces wool).
Bee Haven Bev said…
Oh Rita....
I would love to share the rug pattern with you....but I didn't use a pattern....I just started with a chain of a few stitches and then started crocheting in each stitch....round and round and made sure to add single crochets whenever I felt I needed to increase to keep the rug from turning into a sombrero!! I am not a crocheter, so I can't even really tell you what I did.....I just winged it! As for the basket...totally winged it....it was an experiment.
diane way up north said…
I love your home Bev, and you are such a talented lady. When I saw that rug on the floor, I just knew it was from your lambies wool. So beautiful. And the basket you made...also very beautiful. You are always making something lovely and where you find the time for it all, I don't know, but I certainly enjoyed seeing your pictures. You are lucky to have had such a warm winter this year....we had a week of 50's and now back into the deep freeze for awhile and snow falling all about. But it IS still February! Love your blog. Thanks so much!
Katmom said…
Luv your creative use of space,,,, as for the roveing,,, I just luve what you do,,, I crochet rag rugs from old bed sheets,,, but I can just imagine how fabulously soft your rug and seat cushion must be!!!
Some day I really must learn to knit...
Lynne said…
Love your Bee Haven spaces in all shapes/sizes!
And the knit/crochet ? pieces . . . wonderful . . .
Little basket is really sweet!