Today's Adventure

Hello, from the land of beautiful sunrises.
Yesterday's was spectacular!

Isn't that amazing?
And these photos are not edited... this is how it actually looked!
Aren't we so very lucky to live in such an incredible world.

It's a perfectly perfect world... it's just we humans that need a little work!

All we can do is rise each morning and do the very best we can do...
staying ever thankful for all that we have been given.

And what an amazing backdrop for morning chores this was.
I wish you could have been here.

Day one of Fat Camp was quite successful.
The girls did not mind their wet breakfast.
They spent the rest of the morning hiking around the front pasture...
wearing their new matching accessories.

Pink, of course!
And yes, of course I feel guilty.
You might notice that Daphne (on the right) is wider than Chloe.
Unfortunately, this is genetic.  Her mother had the same body type.
But still, we are aiming for a little more slender version of this.

For those who think that country life might be boring at times...
I assure you... my days are filled with adventure. 
For instance...

Yesterday was laundry, ironing, and vacuuming day.
Between loads, I sat at the sewing machine and made these two little pincushion creatures...

(there are several tutorials online if you Google chicken pincushion)

And if you would like one, but don't want to sew it yourself...
let me know.
(I am selling them... see "Marketplace" at the top of the blog..)


daisy g said…
Oh, that poor bird. I wonder how they manage to get in there?

Your sewing creations are so sweet. What a great use of your time.

We had a gorgeous sunrise as well. The gift of a new day dawning is so amazing. We are well blessed.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for suggesting to google for chicken pincushion pattern. Guess I should have figured out that one myself-Oh, well. Don't know how tall your building/downspouts are, but I rolled a 4x4 inch square of wire mesh 'fabric' and crammed it into the gutter opening at the top. My aim was to stop leaves and pine needles from clogging the underground drain, which after 20+ did plug (had to use a plumbing snake to clear-even tho we had good grading/elevation). Every month, esp this past yr, I'd go up, pull the junk away from the mesh plug, remove the plug, and debris, then cram in the plug again. A plug may stop the poor birds from finding their way into the drain. Just make sure they haven't made a nest down inside.
Moggie said…
Gorgeous sunrise. And lovely to see the bird freed.

As for the donkeys, I kinda wish I could wear one of those muzzles, to keep me from grazing all day!
Lynne said…
What a wonderful, beautiful world!
Indeed . . .
Oh my . . . saved the day for that bird!
It was that bird's lucky day that you came along and saved it!
The JR said…
good rescue.

Oh poor fat donkey girls.

Fantastic sunrise.
I should probably muzzle one of my minis, just can't bring myself to do it to her.

Anonymous said…
What a cute pin cushion!!
This N That said…
I miss those sunrises..Too many trees..Gorgeous photo..Good job with the bird rescue.I hear that sound when Mollie has a Chippie trapped in one..but they can get out eventually..Love the mouse!!
Rain said…
Your pincushions are so cute! And congratulations on your rescue!!! I had to break through gyprock one time to rescue a nest that got into the walls somehow. Your sunrises are so beautiful. Nature is wonderful. Your photos remind me of the year I spent on Prince Edward Island...the skies were so big and beautiful by the ocean. Enjoy the beauty! :)
Junebug said…
You go from beautiful skies to cute pink muzzles! I love how you always make me smile when reading your blog! I think I best get in my sewing room. I'm starting to fall behind on projects, yikes!! Enjoy!