Sammy Takes A Chill Pill

Thank goodness for warm wooly coats!

Those blustery, unrelenting winds are still with us.

Thankfully, no one seems to mind the weather.

Even the goats have regrown their cashmere winter coats.


See Sammie?

This is Sammie on drugs.
Yes, he is a little gorked-out here.

Our sweet Sammie is the most unusual dog I have ever known.
Everyone who visits the farm wants to take Sammie home with them.
He's a love bug...when he wants to be.

He is also completely impossible when it comes to things like vaccinations
and toenail trimming.

Luckily the toenails have not been an issue in the past,
thanks to our long macadam driveway.
Running up and down a few times daily used to be enough to keep Sammie's nails short.

Now that he is older (and lazier) and prefers to ride in the gator rather than run...
his nails have been growing.

I asked Dr. Becky for a mild sedative for Sammie so that I could give him a pedicure.

We tried the pills.
They worked.
The nails are clipped!

An hour later I went upstairs to wrap some Christmas gifts
and came back down stairs to the kitchen.
Shortly thereafter I could tell that someone was on the stairs having a difficult time.
There was Sammie... he had somehow gotten upstairs, but could not get back down again...
a little too wobbly from the drugs.

I pulled him onto my lap and slid down the steps one by one
(he's too heavy for me to carry)
until I had him safely at the bottom.

(See below for comical re-enactment.)


The JR said…
hahaha, a good way to get him down the stairs.

Love the woolly ponies and sheep
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i need a doctor becky bigtime! however, teddy does not handle sedation well. she fights it and gets nasty.
Unknown said…
Now you are going to be doing that everyday as he loved it! Ha!
This N That said…
Sammmy looks a little hung over..Happy pills..Love your trip down the stairs..Anything for our furry friends..Yes, the winds are still with us..not quite as bad..
Steph said…
We have the same issue with a rescue dog we adopted a couple years ago. She will let us touch her feet, but only for a very short amount of time. I call her toenails talons as they get too long. Maybe need to ask our vet for some happy pills.

Love how you helped him down the stairs!
Unknown said…
Could Dr. Becky please fly to NY to sedate and trim pug toenails? Tula becomes a whirling dervish or worse when the clippers appear!

I love your solution for getting a big fella down the stairs safely. You are the BEST, ever!
Shar43 said…
Oh my goodness - I scared my toy Shihtsu Winnie, who was sleeping between my legs on my recliner - with my out-loud laughing! You know, you should probably go back up the stairs with your dust mop, to get the parts of stairs you missed with your "but..."
PKBrandon said…
My daughter's dog is the same way about nail trims but she has to be completely drugged out to get near them! Her nails look like talons.

Stay warm and Happy Thanksgiving!!!
deodar said…
When I was a kid I had a chihuahua that shrieked as soon as he SAW the nail clippers.
diane in wis said…
Oh that's so and Sammy coming down the stairs. You're always there to help out! Thanks for the great blog!
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