The Secret To Keeping Your Whites White

On a weekly basis, someone asks how our white roosters stay so clean.
I am sorry for not answering this sooner.

You see, these white roosters take special care to stay this beautifully white.

Yes, they take special baths like this...

and this...

Yes, liberal dirt baths seem to be the secret.

Once out of the tub, a good shake and this fellow is lily white again!

So why is it that chickens can clean themselves with dirt?
It sure doesn't work with us humans!

This is might remember that he was separated from the other fellows
after we discovered that they were picking on him.

Since then he has enjoyed lording over his henhouse...
keeping a close eye on his girls.
(Who, by the way, have all stopped laying eggs!)

I believe we are going to have to have a talk about his management style!


Candice said…
Oh no! Are these girls the ones you rely on for your egg sales? If so, you definitely need to have a serious discussion with Fish.
The JR said…
I love watching the chickens giving themselves a dust bath.

Have a happy Thursday.
Carine said…
Don't agree ready mud bath, sorry! I had one in Israel on the shores of the Dead Sea and came out with a baby skin. You can have mud applications in special beauty institutes, they are even expensive! But worthy
This N That said…
No eggs!!! Boo !! Does Fish have control over that? Happy Thursday..Looks like you are going to get all the rain again ;)
Lynne said…
How come, no eggs?
Because of Fish??
Love the "white as white!"
Red Rose Alley said…
These pictures are incredible of the white rooster. :)

Jenny said…
That's one happy rooster! Pretty Ladies
Katmom said…
why am I craving an omelete after reading this??? lol!