What splendid fall weather we had yesterday...
partly sunny with lots of wonderful grey clouds, windy, cool and dry.

I spent most of the day outside catching up on extra chores.

While the horses were busy running around the front pasture,

the pigs and I got busy cleaning up walnuts in their yard.

For some reason (some may say it's a sign of a hard winter to come)
we have more walnuts on the ground than any year to date!

There are so many walnuts lying around that it's hard to walk in some areas without
twisting your ankle.
I imagine it cannot be too easy for the pigs to walk around all of these walnuts as well.

As you know... I am never alone when doing chores.
There are always lots of friends interested in what I am doing!

I love these pigs... always so tolerant!

I am not sure what this fellow was up to, but he had his neck feathers ruffled like he was 
thinking about flogging me.  Yikes!

By the time I finished, the gator was full of walnuts.
The dogs and I took a ride over to our hundred acre wood,
where we deposited all of those walnuts.
They will either be winter food for the forrest creatures or eventually grow into trees.

I also spent a little time cleaning up the garden for winter.
I was surprised to find the saffron crocus blooming (for the fourth year in a row)...

so I quickly pulled the red stigma from each of the flowers and took them home to dry.

Saffron is extremely expensive, so growing my own makes perfect sense.

I also harvested the rest of the carrots, some broccoli and kale....

and beets, which I peeled, cut and roasted for supper.

Also for supper was THIS recipe...

I buy a freezer full of local, pasture-raised, whole chickens every year,
so I am always looking for recipes that use a whole chicken.
There is a little extra work associated with a whole chicken...
like cutting it up into pieces.
I also use them for soups and stews throughout the winter.
Although buying local pastured poultry direct from the farm is a little more expensive than
buying chicken in the grocery store,
I feel a sense of satisfaction in not contributing to the inhumane way that commercial
chicken houses treat their birds.

Here is my Halloween jack-o-lantern for this year...


Anonymous said…
I am with you all the way! Humans are carnivores. It's a matter of fact. But like you I don't want any animal to suffer to provide food to my table. I'm thankful every chance I get to have an animal that was happy and carefree right up to a humane butchering. I am glad to pay more for that animal.
Lynne said…
Fresh non hormone chicken sounds fantastic . . .
Lots of trees could sprout from those walnuts . . .
Any school trips to your farm for children this year ?
Love your "pumpkin Jack!"
This N That said…
What a lovely way to spend a day..Of corse, that' s a normal day for you! Lucky you! It 's great to be in the company of animals all day long. enjoy your day off...Doing anything special?
jaz@octoberfarm said…
great JOL!!! i roast at least 2 chickens a week and only buy free range. the difference is huge in flavor and in the texture of the meat. they are more expensive but i use them so many ways and then always make stock so i think it's worth it. i am loving this weather too. i hear we are in for lots of snow this year...yay!
The JR said…
I LOVE the pig video. I want a pig......but everytime I say I want one, the hubby says "bacon, bacon, bacon". I tell him nevermind.

Wow, a lot of walnuts. Cool!

great pic of the cat on the pig

I have to tell you......I seem to hate beets. Have been trying to incorporate them into my diet....YUCK. I think they taste like dirt. My MIL says pickled beets are good, but I'm trying to reduce the sugar footprint in my life too. So I roasted some. I ate them, but did not enjoy it.

Thanks for your email answering my question.


Jenny said…
Full days like that feel so good. I was wondering, do you have to file your pigs teeth? That would be a sight.
Unknown said…
Love the Jack o' lantern! I did not know about Saffron crocus...very interesting. All the woodland animals will eat well this winter with all those walnuts.