Day is Done, Gone the Sun

Days are getting shorter now...
the sun setting by 8:30 each evening.
I head out to do evening chores before 8,
 stopping at the sheep pen to check their water and say goodnight.

They come to the fence hoping for treats...

and I give them each a few Ritz crackers.
Good night sweet sheep!

Next stop is the barn.
First on the list is removing fly masks.

Moonbeam always loves to play...

he's actually trying to pull me in the direction of the gate...
where Donnie waits patiently to go out in the pasture.

I get a little help with the manure pick-up.

Eventually the gate is opened, and everyone heads out into the grass.

Nights are cool and bug-free,
so grazing is much more pleasurable at this time.

After I've finished tending to the equines,
I feed the pigs 

who have been noisily demanding their bedtime meal.

Once the sun has set, I close up all of the chicken houses,
to keep everyone safe and sound for the night.

All the girls have found a place to roost.

This little lady always picks this inconvenient place on top of the door.
I pick her up and move her out of the way.

Remember Fish?
He is the rooster who was being picked on by the other three
and was moved up with the hens.

It's quite obvious that Fish has it made!
I am sure he feels that being picked on was worth it in the end....

Ahhhhh, it's good to be King!

Yesterday was quite a busy day for me.
I picked and canned 2 large buckets of tomatoes...
more sauce!

I brought some Limelight Hydrangeas in from the garden...

They are a favorite of mine... and dry wonderfully!

After tucking in the animals last evening,
I made some homemade graham crackers from this recipe...

and a pan of homemade marshmallows.

I see S'mores in my future!
I'll tell you how they turn out after this weekend.


Anonymous said…
I sure wish I had your energy!! You are like the energizer bunny. Love hearing about your life on the farm,mother healthy eating and the sweet animals!!
Queen Marcy from Atlanta
littlemancat said…
Your sauce looks great! And love the hydrangeas! I'm still smiling about the "King Chicken" story from yesterday. Fish does indeed look quite regal and pleased with his domain. Just curious - how do you tell the four roosters apart?
Fish looks so happy among all his biddies!
Bee Haven Bev said…
The only one that I know for sure is Fish....because he is separate. The other three have subtle differences....but I am never sure who is who.....or who is who he used to be.....
jaz@octoberfarm said…
fish cracks me up! i bet you will love those s'mores. they are such a hit here. i just made marshmallows too!
This N That said…
Fish is one happy bird!! Days are getting shorter for sure..I guess the good thing is that it cools off a little quicker..I've been eating Ritz crackers every night..Add me to the live stock..Nights are not cool free here..I got chewed up last night after 11 when I had Mollie out..Maybe they were people bugs and not horsey bugs ;)..Your sauce looks yummy..Does it have a little kick to it? Yummy s'mores too...Enjoy your evening..
countrynmore said…
I will have to try making the homemade graham crackers.
An American in Tokyo said…
Oooo, can I come live at your farm and be tucked in with a bedtime snack of homemade graham crackers and marshmallows?!?! YUM!!!
Lynne said…
That bright Red against that White makes for a mighty fine looking Rooster specimen . . .
A treat to visit your brood . . .
Grahams and mallows . . . such a talent you are!!