Blue Eyed Boys

There's something about this blue-eyed boy.

He's the most delightful, easy-going little man ever.
I have often wished he were a full grown horse.
What a dream he would be!

And then there is this little 1 ½  blue eyed boy...

whose mood seems to depend upon which eye he is looking through on any given day.

When he views the world through his lovely blue eye
he is a pleasant as can be.
It's on these days that he allows me to snuzzle him just a little.

But on those days when he sees the world through that one crazy brown/blue marble eye...

look out!
It's on these days that the ears get pinned back if you even look at him for too long!
He's a Jekyll Hyde kind of guy... but we love him all the same.
For, just like humans, it takes all kinds to make a world!

It's been incredibly dry here lately.
Our poor pond continues to shrink daily.

I feel sorry for the fish that are hiding out beneath this chartreuse layer of algae...

and even more sorry for the ducks!

After all, who wants to take a bath in that green muck!
Our pond is fed by several underground springs that have seemingly dried up.

The old log cabin is fed by springs as well and normally runs off beneath the driveway
into this ditch (Oakley's swimming hole).

Needless to say... no one is doing much swimming these days!

I am so thankful that I don't live in this cabin.  
It would be awful to lose your source of water!
So far the well that feeds our house seems to be ok.

I would truly appreciate anyone who has a little extra rain...
please send it our way!


Lynne said…
Oh my . . . you do need some rain . . ..
We have been treated the past few days . . .
I will TRY to send some rain hour way.
Like those "blue eyes" . . .
I thought you were getting lots of rain? Guess not.
It was good to see the littles and I hope you get rain soon.
This N That said…
If we have another year or two of not much rain, we will start to loose our trees..not a good situation...We have been dry for a very long time as indicated by my water bill!!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
we are so dry here too. even my ivy is wilted and i've never seen that before.
Dawn said…
I hope you get some much needed rain soon and the springs start flowing and the pond fills up again
Anonymous said…
Here in Ct we have the same problem so much so that this week we have had to have our well dug 400 ft more.. everyone around us has the same problem. No snow this past winter, no rain this summer. This is amazing as we used to have so many wet lands around us preventing any building.. So I do sympathize with the poor ducks!!! I have told my family water is better than diamonds any time!!!

Annie v.
deodar said…
Just a thought, there are a couple of ponds down the road from us and last year they dredged the silty mucky stuff out of the bottom. Don't know if that made it easier for the springs but both ponds have been full to overflowing ever since.