Why I Don't Go To The Gym

I'll let you in on a little secret or two.
One:  I hate repetitive exercise for the sake of exercise.
Two:  I hate to sweat.

But then, with activities like this...
who needs a gym?

I had a truckload of hay delivered yesterday.

Over the next couple of months I will be stockpiling hay for the upcoming winter.
Just about all of our animals (except the birds) eat hay,
so we need quite a lot of it.

With the help of Anna (who helps out on the farm when needed)...
loading the bales on the hay elevator and sending them up to the hayloft of the barn...

I stowed 100 bales in this corner of the barn (by myself)...
(each bale weighed 40-50 lbs)
an activity equal to working out in the gym.
And yes, I sweated... a lot!

Stowing hay was not the only fun activity of the day, however.
I also did another rooster relocation.

This time I caught and transported Egg, Jelly, and Petunia to the turkey house.

"Why?" you ask.
Well, it seems that these three have taken to trying to terrorize me whenever I step out of the house.
They come running and attempt to flog me.

Of course I use my big-girl-voice and remind them that "I'm the big bird." 
And tell them "NO!"
As long as I don't turn my back and don't back down I can avoid a flogging.

But really...
this is getting old.
So.....time for a relocation.

After a few days of "yard arrest",
these three will be allowed to free range around the barn and pastures.
Hopefully there will be enough to keep them busy
that they will forget about trying to terrorize the help (me.)

Tom will be bunking with these three crazy boys at nighttime.
I suspect that during the day Tom will continue to head up to the hens and goats.

And so you see...
life with Roosters is always interesting... never boring.
(Fish is quite happy with his relocation earlier this week! .... HENS!!!)

It's always a bit of a juggling contest.
Hopefully we will work out an arrangement that suits everyone.
I need to remind these Roos just how lucky they are!

Well, to top of a rather busy day,
I somehow happened to get a bee stuck in my sandal...
and he ended up stinging me beneath my big toe.
OUCH!....and the darned sandals zip up the back of the heel....
I could not get them off fast enough!

Well, it's not summertime without at least one bee sting!

Goodness, it's time for another weekend!
Hope your's is perfect.
Hope mine is quiet.


The JR said…
I have the same exercise program. We have a small hay field and also cut one that my co-worker has.

We ended up with 4 roos one time, a couple of mine ended up getting a chicken whoopin'. After I chased them around with a stick, they decided trying to spur me was not a good thing

we had to separate them into 2 different pens. they have all crossed the bridge and we are down to 2 hens. one quite old. i want some more hens, but not till I retire

yes, at least one bee sting, poison ivy 2 or 3 times, bug bites and OMG, the shingles this year :)
The JR said…
p.s., lol forgot to say.....the hubby would say 2 things to them

you better hope momma out lives me


he'd walk by and say "dumplings"

Bee Haven Bev said…
The JR......SHINGLES!! Oh, my goodness you poor thing. I am hoping to never get those. I am with you, though....poison ivy is an on-going malady around here as well as chigger bites (the worst!)
If it weren't for the fact that I was charged by two little girls to take good care of their roosters....we would be having chicken corn soup this weekend!!
"I'm the big bird!" LOL!
littlemancat said…
Roosters! And a gang of them at that! Hope that they move out of that behavior soon.
And sorry about the bee sting - ouch!
PS - chicken corn soup, mmmm
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i was wondering if the roosters were going to be a problem. i would be in the hospital with that bee sting. i am SO allergic. have a great weekend!ps...isn't it amazing how fast time speeds up the closer you get to the wedding?
Rebecca said…
I was wondering....at what point do you say no, that's enough, you are gone... to the roosters? I had an experience of a rooster attacking me a bit ago, and it was a scary thing! I would worry with kids on the farm...
Bee Haven Bev said…
Well, Rebecca....whenever we have visitors, these boys will be on yard arrest for sure! If they were only my roosters and not formerly the beloved chickens of two little girls, that time would come sooner. But....... With the present arrangement, it is manageable. If they continue to terrorize, they will just have to live in their own yard....which is plenty big for three boys.
This N That said…
What happened to all your helpers...?? Too bad about the Roosters..your good deed didn't turn out so good for you..Can you give Roosters Estrogen?? Sorry about the Bee sting...Have a quiet weekend.xxoo
Lynne said…
I am not lifting 40-50 bales of hay but working a large yard and flower gardens keeps this gal in daily exercise!
Relining garden borders, digging sod, weeding, trimming, pruning, is my "gym!"
Ouch on that bee sting . . .
Something stung me on my head while mowing late yesterday . . .
Are you "hot and steamy" like we are . . .
TNwoman said…
A few years back we had 2 roosters, the same thing everytime I would get near them they would attack. They ended up on the grill
Country Gal said…
Farm work is the best work out any one can get as it is a daily thing and hard work to but then nothing is work is you love what you do now is it ?! Papa got stung last week as he cut the grass and passed a wasp nest that we did not know was there by the fence . Lovely photos , Thanks for sharing , have a good day !